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Invest-Technology - Invest-Technology.com

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Invest Technology is a company that is one of the first, that has provided opportunity of remote investment for everyone by our website, following the modern tendencies of business running.Our experts have developed a unique algorithm of work allowing to place deposits just for 6 working days. You will get a part of your funds back on your account daily with income from the total deposit that is, undoubtedly, an essential circumstance for decreasing the risks. You do not need to wait for expiry date of deposit. The funds are available for withdrawal at any time convenient for you.

18% - 19% daily for 6 days

Minimal Spend: $10
Maximal Spend: $20 000
Referral: 3%
PerfectMoney, EgoPay


Date : 12/13/2013 21:23
From/To Account : U2942679
Amount : -100.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 43696683
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment. Invoice 3, [email protected]

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25.12.13 18:36 Received Payment 18.00 USD from account U2942679 to account U3616xxx. Batch: 44505889. Memo: API Payment. Invoice 330.

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