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With forex there are two types of indicators, the technical indicator and the sentiment indicator, technical indicators use bio algorithm to calculate market and lags behind price this means that technical indicators do not tell you what is happening on the market right now and only tells you what has already happened, you see indicators like moving averges, macd, stochastics, these are laging indicators that do not tell you what is going on in the market right now. And so most times without combining 3 or more indicator together you have a really lower chances of making money with these indicators.

The real indicators that telling you what is going on in the market right now are sentiment indicators which calculate the buying and selling power and gives you signal contuary to what the buying and selling power is, as you know 90% of traders loose money because they allow their emotions tell them what to do and trade based on emotions without proper market analysis, and that is what the top successful traders use against them, they know that the 90% of traders will loose money so they trade against them, this means that when 90% percent of the traders are saying buy this means that the market usually goes sell and when the 90% are saying sell means the market is going buy. Get it?

Now you may ask what is this sentient indicator, here is the Indicator I used to make 29,000 dollars in just one trading session this morning




This indicator gives you signals based on the buying and selling power of the market and since 90% of traders looses In forex you always have an advantage by trading against them.

I have been using this indicator and its works very well for me.

I am giving it for affordable price of $30 as opposed to the main market value of $500. 

get the trading system here


Now i can already see some of you asking why i am selling this, although I have no need to answer but I will go ahead and do so, 

  it is the best trading system out there and I really want people to make money with it but good things usually do not come for free of charge lol, if anyone wants to make it in forex or in life then you should be ready to spend some few bucks on something valuable but if you can not spend any money on a profitable trading system that will changes your life then you are probably not ready to be a successful trader yet,

one habit of traders and even I before is that they do find cheap or free trading systems to make millions of but I bet you you will hardly find any real profitable trading system out there for free because most of them are just junk. And will never make you any real money.

so if you want to join the winning pips team


Or gmail [email protected]




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On 4/19/2021 at 8:51 PM, Lucian said:

Looks really interesting 🙂


Do you have an Fx Blue or MyFxbook account so we can analyze the results?




I do not use myfx book, but I have a whatsapp where I do post some of my results thanks.

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