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i'm not admin

I Intelecus - smart investment system. I will help you to increase your capital in the shortest possible time and will do everything to reduce the risk.Me is very easy to use, do not need any special knowledge, only initial capital and desire, and everything else I do sama.Skazhesh, it's impossible? Just get start your personal account, and on the way I'll explain all details and will promp.
Plan 135% - 3 days - 1 to $100
every 12 hours - 22.5%
Plan 165% - 5 days - 1 to $1000
every 6 hours - 8.25%
Plan 210% - 7 days - 1 to $3000
every 3 hours - 3.75%
Accepted Payment Processors: PM/EGO/PAYEER

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