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Important Before Opening Position.

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Im not an expert my friends, and i am a newbie just like you,

Before we start trading make sure :

1. You have minimal 3 reason to enter that pair. (example like technical analysis, trend, and timeline sync)

2. You have to make sure that there is no incoming important news

3. You have to make sure, where is the support or resistant level to put your SL or TP base on that and be sure that is a good profit to risk ratio.

4. You have to wait, to enter the right time. Not in hurry, patience, not in revenge, and not in greed.

5. You have to make sure that your lot is still enough to make a new opening trade. Dont use over lot. Use right money management (10% max).

6. if you have already opening position, leave your chart. dont babysitting on it.

7. NEVER BREAK YOUR RULE. Stay in your rule and discipline with it.

8. may God bless your decision, and

9. I hope this tips will help you. Dont forget to hit "THANKS button in left corner"

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thank you very good information. and I want to add discipline and use good MM, so that our trading will get maximum results.


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