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Make Big Money With Cryptocurrency All Methods And Tutorials

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So basicaly cryptocurrency is a peer-to-peer, decentralized, digital currency whose implementation relies on the principles of cryptography to validate the transactions and generation of the currency itself.

Best Exchange Sites List :

Includes a big list of coins to trade, almost all available coins!

non ref: cryptsy.com

This site to Includes almost all coins types, but i suggest to better use the Crpytsy because there are higher prices for coins :)

non ref : coins-e.com

3) www.btc-e.com

In my opinion this is by far the best site to exchange BTC,LTC,PPC.NMC

Good exchange site

Non ref: localbitcoins.com

There are more exchange sites to but these are most needed to exchange all coin types and you can cashout your money very fast.

How to Buy Bitcoins With Paypal?

1) Come and signup here : www.virwox.com This is the Second Life Curren$y

2) Deposit Money trought your paypal it's very easy and fast but maximum that you can deposit with paypal is EUR 97 or USD 127 per one time!

3) Now when you have deposited money go to the section SSL/USD and Trade your USD to SSL . After you have done the trade, click on the BTC/SSL and Then Trade Your SSL to BTC !

Now when you have got BTC you can withdraw it to your BTC address , the list of available wallets check bellow.

Wallets For Bitcoin:

non ref: strongcoin.com

2) Coinmama.com Use this coupon code : 563XX276 , and you will get a Discount on purchases.

This is a good place to get your wallet at!

non ref : bitplastic.com

4) Coinbase.com I mostly use this wallet and if you signup trought my link you will get $5 for free.

non ref: coinbase.com

Get Free Bitcoins Now Here :

1)FreeBitcoins You can get up to 0.01 BTC per day from this site!

Other Free Bitcoins List Off Sites:

Bitcoin Darts - Every Time

Daily Bitcoins - Every day

Bitcoin Addict - Every day

BitVisitor - Visit Websites

EarnFreeBitcoins - Visit Websites

I Want Free Bitcoins - Complete Offers,Watch Videos and more.

EarnFreeBitcoins - Complete Offers

LandOfBitcoins - More Faucets

Or you can spend/earn some bitcoins on poker sites like :

StrikeSapphire - Best Bitcoins Casino site you could make thousands of bitcoins on this site i have made like 10BTC in this month on it.

non ref: strikesapphire.com

URL Shortening

The best site to shorten your urls and share them with your friends you can make more then a 100$ per day all depends on your traffic!

Paid to Click

BTCClicks - Best earner with or without an upgrade. If you upgrade you get paid more per ad, and you get more from your referral's clicks. Referrals are available to rent, but they go very quickly. A great thing about advertising on this site is that your ad is put into an archived list. This is excellent if you need a backlink for your own personal website.

non ref: btcclicks.com

CoinAd - Great earner with a low cash out of 0.0003 BTC. This is a quality bitcoin PTC site, and is highly recommended. There have been less ads lately, but it looks like it is increasing.

non ref: coinad.com

EasyBitco.in - There are many ads to click, you can also get paid to watch videos, complete offers, and they have a paid chat room. It is the very best site for videos, leave the virool section open in a tab. Then as you browse online check back periodically, often you will have a video waiting. They also have referral earnings up to four levels deep, excellent if you are good at advertising and getting referrals.

no ref: easybitco.in

EarnFreeBitcoins - Surf through websites and earn a small amount of bitcoins. It is a site much like BitVisitor, but this one pays without a problem. I found it effective for advertising, and it says an improved version 2 will be coming out soon. Cash out is paid automatically soon after reaching 0.000055 BTC.

non ref: earnfreebitcoins.com

MyBitcoinRewards - Click ads to gain entries to the bitcoin pool and win bitcoins. That is a great feature, but I think the best feature is that for $5 worth of bitcoin you can have your own ad. What is truly awesome about this ad is that you can change it whenever you want, and without admin approval.

non ref

SurfScientist - Bitcoin based traffic exchange with profit sharing. In order to earn from this site you must upgrade your account, this costs $1 in bitcoin. All income from the site is distributed weekly, 25% goes to cover hosting and promotion, 15% goes to cash prizes, and 60% goes to weekly credits value payout.

no ref: surfscientist.com

Get Paid To

CPAnova - Shorten and lock your links to earn bitcoin. When a person clicks on your link they must complete an offer to proceed. Here is an example of it in use: Premium Content Ahead!

The link can be customized by highest paying offers, conversion rate, and for payout.

non ref : cpanova.com

4bc.co - Bitcoin version of Fiverr. Offer your services and get rewarded, or find someone to fill an odd job. It is a great place to go to as well if you need to buy some cheap website traffic.

non ref 4bc.co

BitBucks - Complete offers for bitcoins. It needs only your bitcoin address to log in, but a few offers require you to use your facebook account. This is a high paying offer site, payments will made be instantly in 15 - 30 days.

non ref : bitbucks.com

Abitback - Complete offers for bitcoins or litecoins. One of the coolest offers is you can get paid bitcoin for listening to the radio. Month long banner ads on the bottom of the site are available for $3 worth of bitcoin.

CoinURL - Shorten your links and start making bitcoins. This is perfect if you spend time on forums, in chat rooms, or you own your own website.

CoinTasker.com - Earn bitcoins by completing tasks, offers, watching videos and much more. There is a 0.00005 sign up bonus, and you get a daily log in bonus. The site is brand new so now is the time to get referrals.

Rugatu.com - Bitcoin based question and answer community. People answer questions and earn bitcoins, or you spend them to get your own questions answered.

CoinByCall.com - Earn bitcoin by making a telephone call, it works best with a landline or with unlimited minutes on a cell phone. Basically you call a number and put in your PIN, and then you listen to music. The following countries are supported: Austria, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, UK, Ukraine, and the USA. Payment Proof


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