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Free Double In A Day Technique Doubles Your Fx Account In 1 Trade

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Has anybody traded the Forex Double in a Day technique where you double your account in a Day by adding lots to a winning position in a risk free basis? Here’s the link – http://expert4x.com/the-double-in-a-day-ea-and-technique/

There are over 60 examples submitted by over 40 independent traders of this happening in November on their free forum – looks very impressive. I would love to hear if anybody has any actual independent experience trading this risk management technique – it is really worth looking at.

There is one trader on their forum that made 198% risking only 3% of his account on one trade. Most traders have made a 90% return on 1 trade – not bad for a free system.

Your feedback will be appreciated :biggrin:

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    • By fxfarmerashik
    • By fxfarmerashik
      Forex brokers are the principal thing in forex trading. Henceforth, today I will talk about why more experienced traders and experts trade with regulated Forex brokers.
      Forex trading relate to a money market where participants sell, buy, exchange, or play with a currency. This is a sort of online business with advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, if you want to participate in the Forex market,you have to  make sure to do your investigation accordingly.
      So, that you can issue your own trading tips, which will be  helpful for you to increase your profits and reduce your losses. One of the tactics you can use to increase your chances of success in online trading is to build good relationships with regulated Forex brokers.
      Here is some information about regulated currency exchange brokers that will help you enlighten why you should consider working with one of them when you transact online.
      Who is a regulated Forex broker?
      Currency broker intermediary areas, such as TopAsiaFX.com, have large trading platforms that have been registered by different government monetary institutions, such as the CFTC, the Financial Behavior Authority (FCA) and the National Futures Association (NFA). between other financial entities. When currency brokers are regulated, they are expected to operate in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the currency market.
      Why do traders expertly negotiate with regulated Forex brokers?
      Before considering the use of a broker that is set up to help you in your Forex trading, preserve this in mind that nothing is insured by online trading. Therefore, even if you find a well-regulated Forex broker, you don't have to be 100% sure that your money is safe.
      However, the best part of the regulated currency brokers is that they have enough experience and knowledge, and therefore, can possibly increase the chances of their trading success and make big profits.
      Here are some interesting facts about regulated Forex brokers that help professional traders consider the possibility of searching for their services:
      Compensate your clients if they suffer heavy losses.
      Most skillful traders often negotiate with currency brokers who are regulated because they are connected. For regulated foreign exchange brokers, after you consider your services, you are sure that you will not suffer losses due to your carelessness or error in processing your online business needs.
      Therefore, if you intend to start trading online by choosing a regulated exchange trader, make sure the one you will use is insured to recover some of your money if you suffer heavy losses when making online transactions. One of the tips that you can use to find out whether the official currency agent that you choose to hire is to read legal documentation and terms of service.
      Protect yourself with legal control.
      Professional traders also consider trading with regulated currency traders, because they faithful of that this sort of broker will not  cheat them, but also because this broker must offer quality products and fair prices on the market.
      Unlike unregulated currency brokers, regulated currency brokers are experts who are subject to assured performance conditions. These brokers have no alternative but to obey the rules and regulations made by the monetary authorities where they operate.
      Regulated currency dealers can provide audit details when needed.
      Regulated FX brokers often experience constant monitoring when they participate in online transactions and all their movements are marked by the monetary regulator. This type of runner has no choice but to follow the prescribed rules, because any errors caused can expose them to the consequences that can end their career.
      Professional traders like to do business with Forex brokers regulated by FCA UK, because they believe that their business needs will be handled by experts who are not only professional and capable, but also simple.
       When dealing with regulated foreign exchange brokers, if you are not satisfied with the results of a particular trade, you can ask the broker to give you proven details of the intended reading activity.
      Regulated brokers are qualified and experienced enough to provide excellent online trading results.
      Regulated forex brokers are well qualified and are therefore very experienced and skillful in all fields related to forex trading. Expert traders prefer to deal with this sort of forex broker because they have the double assurance that their trading needs will be supported by professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully trade online.
      Bottom point.
      There are many advantages that you will definitely pick when choosing to use a forex broker that is set to enter in forex trading. Make sure you work with a regulated foreign exchange broker when needed so that you can manage your risk properly.
      In the end, we can say that selection of a regulated broker is very significant because if they want to act expert traders in the future.
    • By fxfarmerashik
      Hey, Have you heard about the last 3 weeks dollar condition?
      Now I'll be discussing few facts about the dollar market. 
      The dollar held above a three-week low on thursday as investors remained cautious amid uncertainty over progress in US-China trade negotiations, while sterling strong on the speculation that Brexit opportunities without a contract shrank.
      Monthly gauge of manufacturing plant activity in China and Japan came in much weaker than expected on thursday, giving new proof that the seven-month US-Sino trade dispute is taking its toll on economic process worldwide.
      The dollar mostly held gains recorded throughout the previous session when U.S. Trade Representative Henry M. Robert Lighthizer said at a general assembly hearing that it had been too early to predict ends up in US-China trade negotiations.
      The dollar additionally found support for increasing tensions between Pakistan and india, causing investors out of risky markets and coming into safer assets.
      "Investors could placed on safe trade, that may be a long dollar. On the one hand, that's not terribly fascinating however on the opposite hand, investors have to turn out results," same bart Wakabayashi, manager of the Yeddo branch at State Street (NYSE): STT) Bank .
      "That may not do the way they need it," he same. "We could have seen some interest in rising markets by selection (to get results)."
      So,was the information helpful? Now I’d prefer to it hear from you…
    • By fxfarmerashik
      Today  I will discuss this in connection with more spontaneous reaction from the market towards the release of economic data. Even when you anticipate and expect a certain release to produce an unstable reaction, how do you know which market to take after?
      One of the more common games in the rule book is "buying rumors, selling facts". We've all seen this happen many times on the market, but what does it really mean?
      I will use the Fed's latest decision as a good example of this. As we enter December, the market predicts the possibility of a Fed rate hike in the last meeting; fell from ~ 80% to ~ 65% ahead of the FOMC meeting.
      It was the second best performing major currency despite the fact that the market anticipated the Fed to change more dovish in their comments because they gave another rate hike.
      The market is preparing for a "buy rumor, fact sell" scenario when they buy dollars in anticipation of another interest rate hike but are preparing to sell dollars as the Fed turns more dovish.
      This was some important information about the market's current position.
    • By fxfarmerashik
      How to select your right broker? The foreign exchange marketplace is extremely precise in many approaches like its 24-hour timetable and its ascension. but, one operate sincerely sets it aside from the remainder of the sector's financial markets. it's with the help of a ways the biggest market within the international with near four trillion dollars listed day by day.
      Because of its excessive trading amount and its smooth get right of entry to everyone, the foreign exchange market and additional particularly the range of Forex brokers is developing faster than ever.
      A massive choice to choose from is often a terrific aspect, but, the huge amount of to be had foreign exchange agents might build the selection that a lot of more durable for a fresh dealer. the selection of that broker  to pick could be a very important one and one that may powerfully have an effect on your trading future and its success or failure.
      So, with the intention to choose a broker showing wisdom, here could be a transient listing of characteristics you need to hunt for.
      Law: The most vital issue to test previous selecting a broker is however and if their company is regulated. If the broker's company is placed among the U.S, it must be regulated via The National Futures Association (NFA). It should even be registered as a Futures commission service supplier (FCM) with the goods Futures buying and selling fee (CFTC). this is often a very simple verification. you'll simply take a look at a dealer's NFA club standing and any disciplinary actions by visiting the NFA skilled website.
      Expert web site: "Display means that enterprise's web site and I'm able to allow you to grasp who they're". the style the web site portrays the enterprise will while not a doubt offer you with a clean image of who you're managing. manifestly, that's a subjective count range.
      Aggressive Spreads: That's a totally vital issue to look at before sign language with a dealer. What unfold are they imparting? simply to gift a very basic clarification, currencies are listed in pairs. the excellence between the selling and also the buying the fee is understood as a selection. a decent indicator is that the unfold should be no larger than five pips for the predominant currencies. The Majors comprehend EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, AUD/USD and USD/CAD.
      I think this information's will help you to choose  the perfect broker for you.
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