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i´m admin of interopia.de...

first of all: this is not a hyip. we can not pay rates like you know from hyip.

i´m looking for real investment-logterm realtionships.

my name is Dominik Hassendt. I live and run my business in germany and i am the CEO and admin of alien-dollar.com.

At the moment we are going to a new developmentphase of alien-dollar.com, which will make the whole thing much more professionell.

We give now all alien-dollar.com members, supporters and all other investmentfriends the possibility to earn money with us.

Can I lose money? We say no!! This site is NOT a HYIP, Autosurf or anything similar to this. You invest in real internet development. For this we can not pay such high unrealistic rates like the HYIP industry do! You invest in a very unique social network and gaming community with enormous chances to grow fast in phase two. We invest your money to pay our freelancer team of very professionell programmers and designers from all around the world. The development of version 2.0 is allready in work. Community software version 2.0 will be online at the end of june 2009 - beginning of july 2009. At the same time our first browsergame will go online in betaphase (only alien-dollar.com members can play here)

In developmentphase we will only pay the stable plan you can see here. After the new software is on we also pay up to 33% revenueshare of all advertising earnings from our sites to investors and to premiummembers, depending on what level they are. (the other 66% will be used to build new features and alien-dollar software on and on and to pay all alien-dollar workers a good wage) Also we will pay bonus to all the investors starting to support us from the beginning (we started this program 12.MAY.2009)


0.6%-0.8% weekly for 365 days plus

33% revenueshare of all coming advertisingearnings of alien-dollar network sites plus

bonuspayments for our investors which support us from the beginning (after first visible success of projects)

principal back after 365 days

i´m here for all your questions

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We have our Banner on this program, thank you Admin.


Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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We have our Banner on this program, thank you Admin.


thank you also.

everytime open for all questions.

every investor can see what happens with the money. everything is transparent, cause you can see different developstages of community and games.

this is real business.

if investors want to have a real investmentcontract, we can discuss this also.

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Admin hows your program going ?! I wait news from you :thumbsup:

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