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A great way to make money with reliable and profitable coins

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A great way to make money with reliable and profitable coins.Y Coin is a whole new and innovative community concept aimed at forever changing the way we vote for blockchain changes.


The purpose of Y-coin is to create a fully decentralized coin by making blockchain voting more democratic. Each user wins one vote, and unlike other coins, this amount does not change depending on the stake on the currency. We give people complete control over all future changes to coin functionality.


They plan to use the ERC20 framework to optimize the coin to be the most user-friendly and user-oriented coin on the market, with minimal compromises on other aspects.


Y Coins purpose is to have a fully decentralised coin by making blockchain votes more democratic. Each user will have one vote and unlike other coins this amount does not change according to your stake in the currency.


Founded by 15-year-old entrepreneur Youssof Altoukhi, YCoin is an ambitious startup founded by young equity investors who are passionate about digital currencies and want to make a difference on the world stage.


Y Coin is adapting to the ERC-20 protocol that will enable token holders to interchange them on the popular Ethereum blockchain when it launches later in February.


With the surge in Bitcoin and institutional investors entering the fold, the digital currencies market is going through a process of maturity, with more investors setting their sights on the new opportunities available to them.


With the ERC-20 protocol, Y Coin will be capable of speeds of up to 25 TPS vs 4.6 TPS with traditional Bitcoin. Blocks will also be heavily encrypted thanks to a new CHOST protocol (Greedy Heaviest Observed Subtree).


Y Coins will be made available for purchase at a valuation of $0.0015 per coin when the company launches its services officiallly through Vindax on 15 February, followed by other exchanges including Uniswap.


Safe & Secure

Thanks to Y Coins GHOST protocol (Greedy Heaviest Observed Subtree) New blocks are heavily encrypted with no impact on speed.


Faster speeds than Bitcoin

Thanks to the ERC20 framework, speeds are definitely no issue. Y Coin is capable of speeds of up to 25 TPS while bitcoin lags behind at 4.6 TPS


Constant improvements

One of the first coins in history to have a voting mechanism that we are taking one step further to achieve a true cyrpto democracy.


Brand new concept

New cryptocurrency concept with immense potential for improvements as unlike bitcoin the architecture is brand new.


As I know, YCoin is creating a new era of profitable investment doors.


For more information, please visit Ycoin.co.uk 

Telegram: https://t.me/ycointelegram

Instagram: @ycoin_ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/YCoin/

Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/y-coin



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