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How to participate .

Go to the section of any program that you wish to participate . Click " Take a seat ." You will be offered different payment methods. Select any of them and pay. You can participate in several or even all programs . In each program, you can not take more than one place .

The program Dynamic Binary.

Starts 07.12.2013 at 15:00 Moscow time. Outbreaks structure 1 is filled immediately in order charges. Charges on balance is done automatically during the filling , filling all the seats to wait is not necessary. When all 4095 seats in this program will be busy filling structures occur in the other three outbreaks immediately and automatically be made ​​accruals on balances of participants. Number of employed persons in this program lies , because the last place in the Flash 1 deliver maximum revenue Flash 2 and this can create a situation where there will be many payments at the start and then stop paying , because everyone will wait to pay among the last .

Random program rich. already running

When all the places in this program will be employed , will launch the program. Structure filled randomly and immediately will be automatically generated accruals on the balance sheets of participants. There will be 5 starts this program. Take place in any startups can now.


When your balance is the sum of more than $ 4 , under " Balance" button will appear on the payment . You need to once again look closely at the purse number listed in your account to make sure it is correct , and only then click this button . If you have provided the wrong purse , then contact us by e-mail and skype

skype : joysplashnow

Confirmation honesty.

To ensure the integrity and proper operation of our programs , at the start of each program you can view all the filling structure with detailed statistics for each participant : the number of referrals in each level , the amount received and how the account he paid .

2 types of income

1 ) Dynamic binary




Чтобы все получили прибыль будет 4 всплеска, подробности в презентации на сайте.

2) Случайный Богатей



Referral Program

At the request of users added this referral program . You can earn money in the project inviting Joy Splash Now new members. To do this, you yourself optionally participate in our programs .

We did not raise the cost of participation in the programs , thereby to pay you referral fees , and do the following:

- Either when visiting takes place in any of our program , you will immediately receive $ 2 on its balance sheet : $ 1 taken out of commission the project + $ 1 , we add from our advertising budget. We have six programs, so for every guest you can get up to $ 12.


11% daily (7 Days per week) ||| support investor

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