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The Forex market has a huge advantage over the other investment markets - it's open 24 hours a day, six days a week. Whereas the commodities and stock market operates five days a week (Monday through Friday) during normal business hours, the Forex market continues its activity around the clock. If you want to trade at 2:00 am EST Monday morning, feel free to place your trade. If you would like to invest at 9:00 pm Thursday night when you have the time to concentrate on the market, simply place your trade on one of the many online Forex trading systems. However, even though the market is considered a 24-hour market, it's important to know when the market is actually active and when is the best time to place a trade on the market.

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    • By RusefSandi
      Forex Market News :
      ANZ economists on the Australian dollar, a very quick take:
          The run-up to 0.8000 looks stretched. Continued uncertainty about the USD may hold the AUD up, however
      For the Reserve Bank of Australia (next meeting is not too far away, September 5):
          We see rates on hold at1.5%. Recent datas uggests the risks to the upside are rising.
      ANZ add:
      We have used statistical techniques to analyse the language in the RBA's post-board meeting statements. From this we have constructed a measure of the RBA's bias - our RBA Bias Index. This index provides a clear signal about the likely change in the cash rate over the coming 6-12 months (Figure 3). It also leads changes in market pricing of the RBA cash rate.
          The most recent post-meeting statements have taken the RBA Bias Index a little above one.
          This indicates the RBA's policy bias is starting to lean in a slightly hawkish direction.
          We don't think the signal is yet strong enough to shift our view from 'on hold', but the evolution of the RBA's language clearly bears watching.
      Forex Signals: Date: 22-Aug-2017
      Website: http://www.hotforexsignal.com/

      ENTRY POINT: Buy at 109.25
      TAKE PROFIT: 109.56
      STOP LOSS: 108.84


      ENTRY POINT: Buy at 0.9654
      TAKE PROFIT: 0.9685
      STOP LOSS: 0.9613


      ENTRY POINT: Sell at 1.1796
      TAKE PROFIT: 1.1765
      STOP LOSS: 1.1837


      ENTRY POINT: Sell at 1.2863
      TAKE PROFIT: 1.2832
      STOP LOSS: 1.2904
      Helpful Link :
      Forex Signals Service
    • By RusefSandi
      EUR/USD resistance is looming. I just noticed this technical  analysis from Société Générale overnight
      Major Currency Signals (Date: 01-08-2017)
      EURUSD: 16 Pips   USDJPY: 41 pips   GBPUSD: 00 pips  USDCHF: 00 Pips
      TOTAL PROFIT HIT:  57 Pips
        In an accelerated up trend, EUR/USD is now probing the 100 week MA and more importantly it is closing in on our advocated target of 1.1875 which corresponds to the lows of 2012 and a projection for the ongoing move.
      (Note - not just closing in, its now hit there)
      SG go on:
          It is tentatively piercing above a steep daily upward channel however the move now appears to be a bit overstretched as both weekly and daily indicators are at their respective resistance levels.
          In case of persistent bullish momentum, next objective will be near 2012 lows of 1.2043. 1.1760 is an immediate support while previous highs of 1.1714/1.1675 should cushion short term downside. Down sloping channel drawn since 2015 at 1.1490/60, also the 23.6% retracement from January will be a medium term support
    • By FxTrader24
      Status: Close ENTRY POINT: Sell at 1.2440 TAKE PROFIT: 1.2409 STOP LOSS: 1.2481 DATE: 05-Apr-2017
      Status: Close ENTRY POINT: Buy at 110.60 TAKE PROFIT: 110.91 STOP LOSS: 110.19 DATE: 05-Apr-2017
      Status: Close ENTRY POINT: Sell at 1.0674 TAKE PROFIT: 1.0643 STOP LOSS: 1.0715 DATE: 05-Apr-2017
      Status: Close ENTRY POINT: Buy at 1.0015 TAKE PROFIT: 1.0046 STOP LOSS: 0.9974 DATE: 05-Apr-2017
    • By Salman1
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      Just plug in your account and gain profits automatically on http://www.foredgex.com/ . This automated system is developed and steadily updated in-house. They are passionate about coding and have been for 12+ years. Every line of code is critiqued for the best optimization. Don’t be fooled by signal providers using someone else’s system. You need to be able to adapt to the market as it is ever-changing. Our strategies are simple but complex. No useless indicators or astrological signs.
    • By Salman1
      I would recommend this site https://ajjtrading.com/category/forex-signals/ and have heard good things about it. This may help you to get answer of your question. They provide access to free Forex signals that have produced over 200 pips a month since the beginning of 2012. The signals are automatically placed on the follower’s account, so anyone can use the signals regardless of where they are in the world. There are no monthly fees, membership subscription fees or commissions on profits.
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