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Earn 1$ Daily Doing Nothing!

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Hi, in this website you have to do nothing to earn money!!
In this website, you earn more than 1$ every day with the computer connected to the internet (you don't have to do anything). You only have to own a computer connected on the internet. The more time your computer is connected, the more you will earn. First, you have to register and then download the free and safe software!
Believe me, it's a good project and completely free!! Any question, ask me please!!

Register link: http://coingeneration.com/auth/new/572749/

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how does this system work really and what this software really does?

How I shall get payment?

What is minimum payout amount?

What I have experienced so far is that most of easy money systems are scams.

Is there anyone who has followed this system and made money?

To learn legitimate ways of making money from home, WITHOUT investment, check the below link:

Sell Gift Baskets Online

Make Money With Fiverr

Start Rubber Stamp Business

Make Money from Hobbies

Make Money From Home

Earn Selling Used Books

I Need Money

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