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Real Estate Business Opportunity From As Little As $100

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HOW DO YOU CONVINCE PEOPLE TO JOIN YOUR BUSINESS? The simple answer is you DON'T. You don't want those who need to be convinced. You want those who convince themselves

Join flipping4profit, where properties are bought, renovated and sold for profit.

Join Today for a Once-off $249.00 USD and Build a Property Portfolio from as little as $100.00 USD. RECEIVE 2500+ FREE eBooks BONUS WITH RESELL RIGHT WHEN YOU SIGNUP.

Membership is by invitation ONLY. To register FREE, use my invitation link:


If you have time, Please watch this video: http://youtu.be/XTIE2a0PrkU

This Program offers unique rewards for referring others to Flipping4Profit. These include:

· Instant Rewards

· Weekly and Monthly Rewards

· Car Bonus

· Gold Bullion

· Two Exotic Leadership Retreats yearly

· Over 2000 eBooks







DK. Teyim

www.khono.co.za | [email protected] | +27725549512 |

Real estate affiliate program. Invest in properties. Join flipping4profit, where properties are bought, renovated and sold for profit.

Join Today for a Once-off $249.00 USD and Build a Property Portfolio from as little as $100.00 USD. RECEIVE 2000+ FREE eBooks BONUS WITH RESELL RIGHT WHEN YOU SIGNUP. Membership is by invitation ONLY. To register FREE, use this invitation link:

http://flipping4profit.com/realestate or visit www.khono.co.za

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    • By amanwaa
      We currently run a hosting company that specializes in hosting for small businesses. My company is unique in that I provide personalized support for each client and offer them a variety of options to meet their needs. These range from invoice-based billing for those who are not comfortable paying online to offering customized e-commerce hosting packages with SSL certificates and ultra fast SSD drive for their new web store.
      I am currently considering using an affiliate program to grow my business. My question to you is what option would most appeal to you in using my company as the host for the websites you develop:
      Option #1: One time 100% commission (depending on package) for each new client that remains a customer for 3 months
      Option #2: Flat rate $50 commission for each new client that remains a customer for 3 months
      Option #3: 25% monthly commission for all accounts that you refer
      Unlike most affiliate programs, I will pay out monthly to all accounts, no minimum amount required, meaning that you actually get paid!
      Would you actually sign up for any of these affiliate programs if they were available? Which one looks best to you?
      Here are the hosting rates I am looking at:
      Local package: 1000MB Disk space, 1GB transfer, 5 mySQL & email accounts
      Monthly Price: $2.49
      Business Package: 10GB space, Unlimited transfer, unlimited mySQL & email
      Monthly Price: $4.99
      Premium Package: 50GB space, 15GB transfer, unlimited mySQL & email
      Monthly: $9.99
      Special Offer: Sign Up Here and Get $5 instant Affiliate Bonus on your dashboard.
      I also have custom dedicated server packages with no setup costs.
      Please give me your feedback.
    • By amizrien
      We all are looking for ways to make extra money from home. Unfortunally, we get those who wants to make money from us.
      I want to share with you the best opportunities you can ever find.
      Have you dreamed of making a living doing voiceovers? Insider secrets…
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      This explain exactly how to bake the treats that will make you money.
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         Game Texture Sales :200 Hair Textures
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      Please Click Here to find out more details

      Good Luck!
    • By amitm5003
      Want to earn some real money without selling anything on the internet? Work for big companies and help them sell their product. If you are interested then, watch the video to learn everything about affiliate marketing.
      Visit: https://listbuildingdaily.com/super-affiliate-system/
    • By amitm5003
      DFY businesses.passive income.make money 24-7&while you're sleeping. I have been using this for just a month now and, the result is awesome. Now it's your chance.  Go here for free information http://superiorhomebasedtraining.com 
    • By Sleepyfisherman
      Hello everybody
      My name is Adam, and I'm looking for a private secured loan. The purpose of the loan would be to develop a piece of real estate I'm interested in securing.
      As we all know, securing finance is getting harder and harder it seems every year. More and more it seems banks and lenders only give you money if you don't need it.
      So this is what I propose:
      I'm interested in securing a <5 year loan directly against my house and connected property. It's a two bedroom brick house on a corner lot with the adjacent lot as well. It's located in Upstate SC, as am I. I've yet to get an "official" appraisal as I've never needed one (never tried to sell). I will get one for the sake of this process but as a rough guideline for now, Chase Bank's property estimator estimates at 35-55k and the insurance company estimates 130k cost to build. When the house is rented out (I currently live here) it's $600 dollars per month without factoring in the extra lot, which I've secured since the last time I rented out the house.
      Now when I say secure the loan, I mean literally through a real estate law firm. Lender would have a deed of trust (or similar) and a contract with me stating the terms of the loan and what happens if I default, along with all the other terms that I'm willing to negotiate with interested buyers. The loan would be paid through the lawyer as SC is a lawyer state and unless for some reason the loan was done through different means, I believe it's required.
      Next step: If you're interested, PM me and we can exchange contact details, and go from there about specifics (yearly interest, payment schedule, etc).
      Look forward to any discussions
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