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10 Amazing Social Proof Examples (That Actually Works)

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We live in a digital era, and it is amazing how it has brought us all together. But it also has changed the way people make an opinion about you or your brand. When you start a new blog, it is difficult to get visitors to trust you. And to make them trust you, you need to showcase how many people trust you and what opinion they hold about you.

Hence social proof. Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon that helps people establish an opinion about you or your brand by looking at others’ actions and decisions in a particular situation. For example, the reviews on a product help you decide whether you want to buy the product or not. The same goes for restaurants, services, or anything where you look for people’s opinions to decide.

Types Of Social Proofs

There are six types of social proofs. Here are they:

  • Customers: the social proof that comes from the existing customers and readers.
  • Experts: Social proof that comes from credible sources such as industry experts, researchers, etc.
  • Celebrities: Social proof from celebrities or social media influencers.
  • Crowd: When you have a large following on your blog or products.
  • Friend: Comments, review likes from friends of your website visitors.
  • Certifications: Certification and badges from credible 3rd party sources.

These social proofs don’t just help you make a decision, but also as a business owner or blogger can greatly help you establish trust amongst your users or readers. Many companies use these social proofs as a marketing tactic to encourage people to connect with them. They help make a community around your brand, make a loyal reader base, make people subscribe to your newsletters, and eventually generate more sales.

Here find out how to use them on your blog and benefit. > http://bit.ly/3kbBivm

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