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Complete The Xpango Offer And I Pay You Back (Received 1 Prize)

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  • For those not familiar with the Xpango website here's a short introduction:



    Xpango was launched in March 2006, belongs to a legally registered company based in England, Xpango LTD (Company Number 5677536), and it is an independent network with a rewards program that rewards each member that complete the following actions:


  • Sign-up;
  • Complete one or more offers or invite friends to do the same;
  • Choose and receive a prize!


Each prize is worth a certain amount of credits, some offers will give 1 credit and others 2 or more credits. Once you reach the minimum value you can request for your prize and it will be sent to your address. The prize list is huge, there are PlayStation, Xbox, any Apple product (iPhone, iPad, etc.) of, or even Amazon vouchers.

Be my referrals and complete the first offer for free

What differentiates Xpango from other freebies sites is that here we do not depend primarily on our referrals, moreover, we can even ask prizes without having any referral. But if you get a referral that completes an offer you will earn 1 credit.

To help you with the first steps on this site decided to pay the first offer of my referrals, but beware, this offer is only valid for those who are not yet Xpango members. Also will just pay the cheapest offer of the moment (more info at the end).

To be able to take my offer should follow the following steps:


The offer I recommend

From all existing offers I'm recommending the fiverr that will give you 1 credit. It costs just $5 and offers a service that can also be useful to you. You can request design professionals to make you an image to the Facebook profile or Twitter, or a banner or logo, or even a musician to create a jingle for your business, to a blogger to write to you an article ...

You may also earn 2 credits doing the WorldWinner offer but I will only pay you back the same value of the previous offer, $5.

Some tips before you start

To be sure that everything goes well and you are my referral, I recommend you contact me as soon as you register at Xpango for me to confirm that your under my downline. After that I will help with the steps to complete the offer.

My prizes

My first prize was a tablet Nexus 7 of 32 GB, you can see the video here:



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