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Buying Paypal, Payoneer, Wmz

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Buying PayPal and Payoneer clean fund only .

and search constantly provider PayPal or Payoneer

PayPal -> WMZ 11 %

Payoneer -> WMZ 8 %

Hold period paypal to WMZ for new members 72 hrs.

Skype: Market-llc

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      We would like to present you our new fully-automated service on e-currency exchanging.

      Currency exchange directions: PM -> BTC, PM -> WM, PM -> Paymer and many more.

      Convenient and intuitive interface, low commissions.

      Qualified technical support.

      Services work 24/7.

      Please feel free to contact us:

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      Buy/Sell/Xchange LR | WMZ | MB | AP | PP | WU | MG Instantly | Exclusively Available at SBXchanger.com  

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      SBXchanger is an E-Currency Xchanger. We offer automatic and manual exchange services for customers . Our service is to Xchange your money from any of the available payment processors to another payment processor of your choice for a small fee.
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