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A great platform for world-changing innovators.

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As I know, ICH supports inventors and offers investment opportunities as good as protecting their rights.ICH aims to allow inventors to register their ideas as patents, especially in developing countries in Asia and Africa.


Ideachain unleashes smart contracts using Solidity, the standard smart contract language most developers need. It is also a digital currency to support inventors and protect their rights with smart and innovative solutions.


Founded in 2020 by Mohamad Rafiq Trabulsi, an entrepreneur and a prominent investor in the field of blockchain and digital currencies.


Why the Ideachain (ICH) Project?


People can easily copy or steal business ideas and innovative approaches if a person does not register patents or intellectual property rights with the authorities.


Filing patents and getting them registered is a complicated process that also requires a lot of money.


Individuals with innovative ideas need a platform using which they can easily register their innovative work by getting enough funding as well.


Idea Chain Coin is here to solve this long standing problem. Inventors have been facing for centuries. Ideachain help inventors patent their inventions and raise funds.


Finally, Ideachain is one of a kind platform that has been built on strong foundations of blockchain.


Tokenomics :

The total token supply is 55 million

Token allocation can be seen below and in the pie chart :

25M: Public Allocation

10M: Marketing and Partnerships

5M: Development

5M: Team’s Allocation

10M: To be voted for in 2023 (to either allocate to burn).


I think this is a great opportunity to start your investment. They are looking for inspirational innovators that will change the world.


If you interesting on this  please visit https://ideachaincoin.com


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