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12 day 1%
35 day 1.30%
65 day 1.60%
70 day 2.00%
85 day 2.30%
Ref. system: 5% and 1%
Calculation and payment: 5 days a week
Main depot: returns
Payments up to 24h.
Reinvestment rate: 0-100%, 5% step
Technical part:
SSL: Comodo 256b
Host and protection: HETZNER
The domain is registered for 5 years. Available. Com,. Biz,. Net
Languages: Russian and English

We ensure your deposits by means of the company not dependent on the results of the day trading.
How can we afford it?
According to the trading statistics 2012, for 327 days of the year traders closed with a profit in excess of payments on deposits. But nevertheless, in the remaining 38 days, all % on deposits were accrued and paid in full.
The deposit saving and the interests accrual to investors is provided by fundamentally different strategies of our 3 traders. Selection of traders for the company is carried out taking into account not only their professionalism, but also the difference in work strategies; and now, even if one of the traders closes negative day trading – the costs are covered by the gains brought by the 2 others.

Date : 11/03/2013 14:16
From/To Account : U3844465
Amount : -200.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 39680062
Registration - https://3pamm.com/ref/1
Registration - https://3pamm.com/ref/1
Registration - https://3pamm.com/ref/1

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      Here are some of the best forex brokers in the world today http://premiumtrading.co/?ref=7067
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      Technical analysis in forex trading is normally used as a basis for coming into and exiting trades. The most generally used technical evaluation approach is by way of recognizing technical chart patterns fashioned by means of candlestick formations. Triangle chart patterns are one instance. those chart styles will help a trader to pick out diverse opportunities to go into trades.

      1.Recognise the not unusual triangle chart patterns. Triangle chart styles are the maximum traded styles in currency trading. There are 3 Varieties of triangles most traded: symmetrical, ascending and descending.
      2apprehend triangle chart patterns. it's far fairly smooth to pick out a triangle chart sample. locate two or extra consecutively better highs and draw a immediately line thru them, extending the road in each directions. find two or greater consecutively lower lows of price. Draw a instantly line through them and enlarge it in each guidelines. in which your two traces meet is the apex of the "triangle". (The 0.33 aspect of the triangle is inappropriate and can be ignored.) await not less than 4 "bounces" (escapes) beyond the confines of the triangle earlier than considering it a dependable pattern with which to change.
      three. identify a terrific triangle formation. research with the aid of Thomas Bulkowski and other a hit technicians suggests that fee frequently breaks out of the symmetrical triangle in advance of the charge on the apex. From that factor, studies shows, most fee breakouts occur on both facet of the triangle (the "trendlines") someplace between sixty six percent and seventy five percent of the way to the apex. (a few triangles honestly have a break out at the apex.)
      4.understand the character of the triangle formations. most technical analysis unearths that ascending triangles are described as bullish continuation styles and descending triangles are defined as bearish continuation patterns.
      five.assume with flexibility and act accordingly. A dealer should not try and expect which direction charge will destroy from triangle chart styles. That’s not to mention that ascending triangles can't meet their upside breakout targets or that descending triangles will no longer spoil to the drawback targets. They do. it's miles first-class, but, to deal with them without directional bias and take benefit of the precept of range growth following variety contraction in place of looking to predict which path charge will break-out.

      6. learn how to exchange triangle chart styles without the hassle. A trader ought to try to adopt an automated method to buying and selling a triangle chart pattern. This requires lots of time and interest. One manner is to apply present open source gear together with the professional advisor determined at the Metatrader platform to installation pending orders for a change. when a breakout occurs either to the upside or downside, the trader can participate in the breakout regardless of its direction. This system of placing buy or sell pending orders on triangle chart styles may be automatic via industrial software or robots to be had in the market. For more information about it click http://alpari.com/

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      Hello all,
      I am a newbie in forex trading.
      A friend recently introduced me to this GDMFX.
      I have already browse through their website and it looks good.
      But as I said, I am a newbie and I am unsure about this.
      Would like some opinion whether this is a good place for a newbie like to start.
      Thanks.. :)

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