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In an endless sea of investment projects it is difficult to make a choice not only for beginners, but even for experienced investors. Our team tried to create the most balanced and secure project that would meet the needs of a wide range of international investors. Well balanced plans would be suitable for test-investing and long-term investing in the project. Reliable protection ensures uninterrupted functioning, and SSL certificate will ensure data security of our investors.
1. Plan - 5.3% hourly for 20 hours. ($ 100-500)
2. Plan - 110% after 1 day. ($ 10-500)
3. Plan - 125% after 2 days. ($ 15-700)
4. Plan - 140% after 3 days. ($ 25-1000)
5. Plan - 180% after 5 days. ($ 50-1500)
Accept: Perfect Money,EGO

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