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Obviously timing in MLM is key and you have to get involved with the right company at the right time, that isn't going to shut down, and moves real products that people want. I work personally with Mark Yarnell who many of you probably know and also with Jerry Campisi who earned millions with NuSkin back in the day. I also work with PGA tour legend Rocco Mediate, Tim Herron, Nick Bradley, etc. This company is doing 4.2 million/month and as you all know you must get in pre 7million/month to make the big checks. T

Together we found the next big MLM company that's beginning to pick up some steam. Check out this review on YouTube of this company. It's Solid.



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Qivana is a new nutraceutical company that is on the rise. Founded by Derek Hall, Rodney James, Justin Banner, Devin Glazier, and Craig Johanson who broke away from hundred million and billion dollar companies such as NuSkin, Xango, Natures Way, etc. The company has found a gap in the nutraceutical market and have set out to organize that market with synergistic health systems, like Google, Facebook, Apple, McDonalds, etc, have done.


Correct Diabetes
Correct Metabolism
Correct High Blood Pressure
Correct High Cholesterol
Get's people off of Pharmaceutical Medications
No Side Effects

Very Early in growth. I am connected to the owners of the company as well as the top leaders Jerry Campisi, Mark Yarnell, and PGA tour coach Nick Bradley. Only 5 generations from the ownership.

PGA tour player Rocco Mediate is in my business as is PGA tour player Tim Herron. Extremely lucrative business with this timing.

Very low investment. Different options available to you to fit your financial needs.

Jerry Campisi wrote the compensation plan for Qivana and he is a mentor of mine. I work with both him and Mark daily. Comp plan designed to pay out 1million/Month.

Currently open in only 7 countries. Endorsed by 11 former olympic gold medalists including Nadia Comaneci who wouldn't even put her face on a Wheaties Box.

This company will be a multi billion dollar company in the next 10 years and provides a great business opportunity.

In the History of MLM only 14 companies have reach and stabilized at 1 billion in sales. All of those companies had products that everyone wanted, patented, and you could only get them from a distributor.

New products currently in the works. No product is brought to market without patent. Qivana partners with the leading scientists and research comunities who are developing products in the natural product arena. They they then purchase the technology and then distribute the products under the QIVANA brand. It's a genius model, and one that will be known in the coming years. That is a for sure.

Get in now, get a position on the ground floor and watch what this company does. It's so good that recently a man who created a billion dollar downline in Amway got out and joined Qivana. He wasn't paid to move either, as qivana doesn't pay anyone to endorse their company like many others do.

You get work with Mark Yarnell, and Jerry Campisi, along with PGA tour player Rocco Mediate. It's the best team in the company.

Click HERE to do your due diligence



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