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How to enhance the user experience on a Tinder like app?

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You can enhance the overall user experience on your Tinder like app by integrating exclusive features. By following this strategy, you can stand out from the competition and outrun your rivals. Here are some of the features that will help you gain a competitive edge over other service providers.

Chat before matching:

Although there are several online dating service providers in the market, providing a chat before matching feature will help you stand out from the competition. Chatting before getting matched will help people to explore more about their actual personality rather than going through their profile. This feature will allow them to make informed decisions about their matches on the platform.

Send pictures:

By enabling users to send pictures from the chat window, you will be able to regain a significant amount of the user base. Most people migrate to other apps looking for better means of communication after exchanging necessary information on Tinder. You can also consider adding temporary messages or auto-destruct messages to enhance the overall experience.

Search categories and matchmaking:

If you are planning on targeting a specific group of people, it is crucial that you integrate user-centric features into your app. Discuss with your Tinder like app development team to incorporate search filters on your platform. The users will be able to get refined search results on the app by altering the categories with the filters. By using this feature, the users can save a significant amount of time as they will be to see people they are interested in.  

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Well, the most attractive men will be liked by only approximately 20% of all the females on Tinder. This number is low due to a combination of factors including females that don’t regularly use the site, fake profiles, intimidation, and some variation in what the pickiest women find attractive. In the grand scheme of things, a 20% success rate can actually lead to a large number of matches very quickly. So attractive guys can do pretty well using Tinder (congratulations). Unfortunately, this percentage decreases rapidly as you go down the attractiveness scale. According to this analysis a man of average attractiveness can only expect to be liked by slightly less than 1% of females (0.87%). This equates to 1 “like” for every 115 females. The good news is that if you are only getting liked by a few girls on Tinder you shouldn’t take it personally. You aren’t necessarily unattractive. You can be of above average attractiveness and still only get liked by a few percent of women on Tinder. The bad news is that if you aren’t in the very upper echelons of Tinder wealth (i.e. attractiveness) you aren’t likely to have much success using Tinder. You would probably be better off just going to a bar or joining some coed recreational sports team.

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