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The Mini Drive - Filled With Movies/tv Shows Buy It Now

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The Mini Drive

1) You may choose between 1TB or 2 TB drive
2) You may fill the drive with only movies or tv shows or half drive with movies and half drive with tv series
3) Most of the movies and tv shows have english subtitles included (not hardcored!) if available.


The Price includes:
hd-drive movies/Tv shows
It will be shipped in the original hd drive box! WORLDWIDE!

Example movie/serie/talkshow list
Example move/tv serie list

*1 TB Drive can hold up to 1000+ movies
*available in different movies are 10 terabyte
*available in TV shows are 24 terabyte
HD Drive will be send 24 hours after payment is completed.

The Mini Drive

Life is to short to keep on waiting for nothing ^_^

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