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What is the difference between clicks and impression?

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Click, as the name says by itself, is when someone has clicked on your ad, no matter is it a banner, crafted ad or any other ad. You will pay per click (PPC advertising).

Impression is simply visibility; how many times your ad has been exposed to, what we call, the right eye-balls, or your targeted buyer audience.

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Impression is the number of times targeted users view your Google AdWords ad, whether it is a banner, text link or button. This shows what is the reach of your ad.

Click is the number of times your targeted users clicked on your ad and taken to your website. This shows how many users actually used your ad to visit your website.

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Ad Clicks, or simply Clicks, is a marketing metric that counts the number of times users have clicked on a digital advertisement to reach an online property. Ad Impressions (IMPR) is a count of the total number of times digital advertisements display on someone's screen within the publisher's network.

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Hi Friends,

An ad impression is simply the number of times your ad, whether it’s a banner, button, or text link, has been (or will be) exposed to a potential viewer. In simple terms, this is the number of times that image appeared on any computer screen anywhere in the world.

A click-through is the actual number of times someone has taken their cursor, placed it on your advertising image and used their mouse to click on that image and be taken to your website. This is the most advantageous way to purchase advertising for the advertiser, because it really takes all the guess work out of the equation. You’ll know exactly how many visitors will visit your site relative to the ad purchase.

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