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This is a nice one! :thumbup:

How it Works

There are 4 Fortune Matrices in 1 Program, hence 4x1 Fortune. All income examples above are based on the Platinum Level Matrix.

You come in at the first level matrix at just $11, and cycle to the higher matrices spending just $11 One-Time Only. Brilliant !!

The Levels breakdown:

Bronze Level - $11 Entry, pays $33 per cycle and $11 Matching Bonus

Silver Level - $40 Entry, pays $120 per cycle and $40 Matching Bonus

Gold Level - $100 Entry, pays $300 per cycle and $100 Matching Bonus

Platinum Level - $200 Entry, pays $600 per cycle and $200 Matching Bonus

We pay on your First cycle to put you into The Money. Your second cycle is used to push you into the Next Higher Level Matrix (Zero out of pocket to you). This process continues until you make it to The Platinum Level, where you can continue to cycle at The Platinum Level and All levels below forever.

Your Second Cycle ONLY at each level except The Platinum Level, upgrades you to the next higher matrix. After the second cycle in these matrices, you will continue to cycle in each, getting you paid in each matrix.

Every 4th cycle on Each Level is used to fund and offset the "over-loaded" payouts and Matching Bonuses in all Matrices. We pay based on all 6 postions, not the typical bottom four, which means a lot more to your bottom line. On The Platinum Level, the 2nd cycle only, and Every 4th cycle is used to offset.

Matching Bonus - based on each cycle of your personally sponsored for the respective matrix and is paid on Every cycle except the second cycle used to push you into the next higher matrix and every 4th cycle used for "over-load" offset.

You have to put forth a little effort to start earning income. Just introduce a few friends to us at just $11, and earn money as soon as you complete your matrix or they complete their matrix.

It is highly likely, you will receive spillover from your upline, spillunder from those you bring in, etc. but, should NOT wait for this to happen. Remember those Huge Matching Bonuses for personally sponsoring. Get busy and the rewards are staggering.

Use the PIF (Pay-It-Forward) principle and benefactor 3 members at just $33 and teach them to do the same. Their and your income will explode beyond your wildest imagination. All by helping others get what they want.

It's affordable to do this as you get all of your money back immediately - upon your first cycle! Plus, you give yourself an instant raise as you get matching bonuses when they cycle. It's a Powerful, Powerful Thing. Get your arms around this.

Give it a try!



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