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PAMM for Followers

A Follower is a trader who probably lacks time, skill or desire for full time Forex trading. The Master’s trading strategy will automatically be replicated in the Follower’s trading account in respect of these selected funds. This allows Followers to receive profit without fully engaging themselves into Forex trading.

Benefits of PAMM for Followers

  • Full control over funding and withdrawing

The Follower can add money to be used in the PAMM account or withdraw these funds at any moment of time without any permission from the Master. The Master has no access to adding or withdrawing the Follower's money whatsoever. So the scenario when a dishonest Master prevents a Follower  from withdrawing money or fails to pay the profit is completely impossible.

  • Automatic Allocation of Profits/Losses and Fees

All calculations (allocation of profit and fees) are made automatically, strictly on time and in accordance with the Offer Conditions that were accepted by the Followers.


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Results of the "Money Managers" Forex Contest Announced

"Money Managers", a Forex contest with real PAMM accounts, ended on December 31st, 2020.


We have received the results of the contest and present the winners to you:

1st lace: AM_Foresight gets $5000-prize.
2nd place: MHon gets $3000-prize.
3rd place: ycchai gets $2000-prize.

The prize will be added to an investment account according to a 50/50 offer: 50% of the profit goes to the Manager, the investor (the Company) receives the remaining 50%.We congratulate the winners and wish them further success in trading!

Please note that it is forbidden to conceal in PAMM-system such account statistics for investors as equity, drawdown, exposure level, completed trades. This data should always be accessible to view.

"Money Managers" contest is a unique opportunity to show your trading skills on real PAMM accounts.

During the contest, participants have the opportunity to deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts, accept investments, create new offers, use any strategies, Expert Advisors, and robots. Also, the contest is a great chance to make your PAMM account known among potential followers.

To get more details on how FXOpen PAMM service works, please visit our website.

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Changes to FXOpen Trading Hours on US Martin Luther King Day


Dear Traders,
Please note that due to the celebration of Martin Luther King Day in the US on Monday, January 18th, 2021, trading hours for some financial instruments will be changed as follows:

Monday, January 18th, 2021

  • Spot commodities CFD:
  • Gold (XAUUSD) – trading ends at 20:00;
  • Silver (XAGUSD) – trading ends at 20:00;
  • US Crude (XTIUSD) – trading ends at 19:45;
  • US Natural Gas (XNGUSD) – trading ends at 19:45.
  • Indices CFD:
  • Japan 225 (#J225) – trading ends at 20:00;
  • US SPX 500 (#SPXm) – trading ends at 20:00;
  • US Tech 100 (#NDXm) – trading ends at 20:00;
  • Wall Street 30 (#WS30m) – trading ends at 20:00.
  • Stock CFD – trading closed.

All other financial instruments will be traded as usual.

Please consider these changes when planning your trading activities next week.

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TOP PAMM Accounts of 2020: Overview


We wish all traders, managers, and investors a happy 2021! We wish you confident trading, high-yield investments, and success in all your endeavors!

The end of December and the beginning of January is a difficult period on the market. During this time, the market is called thin because only professionals can trade confidently. And of course, any investor is always on the lookout for managers that will be stable and profitable under any conditions, to have the most balanced portfolio after the holidays with minimal risk of losses.  How was the year 2020 memorable for us, and which accounts turned out to be the best in the race?

Read Full on FXOpen Company Blog...

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Changes in cryptocurrency CFD trading schedule on January 17


Dear Traders,
Please, note that on Sunday, January 17, CFD cryptocurrencies will not be traded from 15:00 to 17:00 (+2 GMT) due to scheduled maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience and kindly hope for your understanding.

Please consider this information when planning your trading.

FXOpen Company News

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Changes to Australia Day Trading Hours


Dear Traders,
Due to the upcoming Australia Day celebrations on Tuesday, January 26th, 2021, you will experience the following change in the trading hours schedule:

Thursday, January 26th

  • Indices CFD:
    • Australia 200 (#AUS200)  – trading starts at 08:10 AM (GMT +2).

All other financial instruments will be traded as usual.

Please consider these changes when planning your trading next week.

FXOpen Company News

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TickTrader Trading Platform


TickTrader is a brand-new trading platform, which allows clients to trade five of the most popular asset classes — forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies via one trading account. A special trading account, TickTrader ECN, has been designed for trading using TickTrader platform.

As a trading platform, TickTrader pursues one goal: helping users to become profitable. It is easy to adopt and use, but besides being user-friendly, TickTrader boasts comprehensive functionality that ensures it meets the multitude of requirements from every type of trader, from beginner to institutional.

TickTrader Key Features

  • TickTrader Terminals. Use TickTrader Desktop Terminal, or install the special version of TickTrader Mobile Terminal on your iOS or Android device, or trade direct from any browser via TickTrader Web Terminal.
  • Highly customizable user-friendly interface. Personalize each single panel settings as well as the whole workstation entirely: a trader can easily create trading layout using a wide range of options and preferences.
  • Advanced technical analysis tools. Take full advantage of ready-made various traditional indicators or make your own and add them to your account.
  • One/double click trading mode. This tool is designed for traders who are looking to make profits of rapidly moving markets, or want to try high-frequency trading and/ or scalping and do not intend to lose a second on waiting. The orders are placed immediately.
  • Level 2 pricing. Venture the market depth with up to 200 levels and the ability to see your limit orders inside the order book.
  • Trading alert system. Customize your alerts and then choose how you receive the notifications.
  • Detailed charting system. Descriptive charts allow a trader to draw and see volumes, trades, and set up alerts.
  • Strategy back tester. Test and evaluate your trading strategies using past pricing and liquidity. You can then use the analytics to run your algo-trading strategies and EAs.

What TickTrader has to offer?

Now you can manage both margin and deliverable trading directly through the platform or via a FIX, REST, or WebSocket API. You can also fully adjust your workspace to suit your needs — a new intuitive user interface and more than 1200 advanced trading tools deliver a fully customizable trading experience. Level 2 data, heat maps, and backtesting are just some of the extensive trading tools offering sophisticated data analysis on the TickTrader platform, designed to help FXOpen clients create successful trading strategies.

You can also make use of all the opportunities offered by advanced order types — Market orders, Limit Orders, and Stop Orders. There are also several advanced settings for these order types the platform has to offer: volume units (lot or quantity), stop levels, and slippage settings.


FXOpen Company News

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