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What are the COVID-19 safety add-ons to consider in an on-demand JustEat app?

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It is vital to address the COVID-19 outbreak situation because the virus spreads like wildfire, and the entire food delivery ecosystem can turn into a major hub. Hence, by taking preventive mechanisms, one can sustain the market for an enhanced timeframe. Here is a list of COVID-19 safety add-ons to consider in a JustEat app like development

  • Contactless deliveries: Encourage delivery workers to adopt contactless delivery options, dropping customer orders in front of their homes. 

  • Safety gear for workers: Provide safety gear like gloves, masks, sanitizers, etc., to your delivery chain, thereby maintaining perfect hygiene standards. 

  • Face mask recognition software: Automate the process of recognizing face masks with face mask recognition software. 

  • Safety badges for restaurants: Scrutinize restaurants on safety standards, and provide safety badges, inculcating the factor of trust among the audience. 

  • Safety ratings and reviews: Enable users in your food ordering app solution to rate and review the food ordering/delivery experience on safety standards. 

These are some COVID-19 safety add-ons to consider in an on-demand JustEat app to safeguard the entire community. 

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