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Start: 05/11/2020

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High-yield investments are a way to obtain a source of constant passive profit. Today there are a lot of directions that allow you to earn big money, but unfortunately, they are available mainly for professionals and holders of large capitals. As for private investors with small amounts of money, the sphere of high earnings is inaccessible for them, but we have decided to change this situation and provide an opportunity for all those who want to earn on the global markets. We are a modern investment company, which finances a diversified portfolio of investments. Our key instruments for earning money are the market for crypto currencies, oil and precious metals. It is these markets that allow for good diversification of funds and significant reduction of risks due to different profitability of instruments. Having distributed our finances, we have developed our own investment system, which in the long term will bring a stable profit.

- Monarch Capital has created investment and income rules for investors.
- All investors receive a 0.005btc bonus on their deposit.
- Every day the company has a new rate of return on deposits of 3% per day and above.
- An investor, having made a contribution to the current interest rate, will receive a daily profit according to his plan.
- On non-working days (weekends and holidays) there is only one percent profit of 1% on all deposits.
- The deposit is non-refundable, interest is calculated for life and is automatically paid into your billing account.

3% to 5% on weekends 1% daily for lifetime.
Payment automatic on a wallet

Referral Commission:

Payment Processors:
Payeer, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum

Minimum Deposit:
Payeer - $50, Bitcoin - 0.005 BTC, Ethereum - 0.15 ETH, Tether - 50 USDT

Minimum Withdrawal:
Payeer - $20, Bitcoin - 0.002 BTC, ETH - 0.05 ETH, Tether - 20 USDT

DDOS Protection
Custom script
Unique Design

Our deposit:
ETH amount: 0.365496 Ether ($150.03)

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Program update

"Lowered minimum limit for withdrawal"

We heard investors and decided to lower the minimum amount for withdrawal of funds.
Payeer: $10 -> $10
Bitcoin: 0.002 BTC -> 0.001 BTC
ETH: 0.08 ETH -> 0.025 ETH
Tether: 20 USDT -> 10 USDT

We would like to clarify about such amounts. The minimum commission for the withdrawal of Ethereum and Tether ERC 20 (USDT) is 50 cents and sometimes reaches 1 - 2 dollars when transferring 5 dollars. It is not economically viable.

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Paid again! :)

ETH amount: 0.02565496 Ether ($13.85)

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Paid ! :)

ETH amount: 0.02566488 Ether ($15.57)

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