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APInstant -

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10% for 13 Days

Free members:

Surfing earn is paid to your account balance.

Referral earnings are paid instant.

Free members can promote 1 site in the surf rotation.

Account balance payout at $ 5 minimum every 10th of the month.

Paid members:

Surfing earn is paid instant and automatic by our system.

Your earnings are paid to the account the upgrade was purchased with.

Your upgrades are retroactive.

That means if you upgrade after you surfed the same day, you get paid the earnings for that day instantly on the new upgrade.

Referral earnings are paid instant.

You can promote 5 sites in the surf rotation.

Both Free and Paid members:

Remember to setup all payout accounts.

Referral earnings are paid instant.

If you do not have the payout information setup the system will pay to your account balance.

Please remember to report the sites that break rotation or disrupt the surfing.

You can find a link with the last 2 site viewed in the surfbar.

Upgrades are $13 but you receive a $10 bonus when you join.

I can attest to the fact that this pays FAST. You no sooner complete your surfing, then you get instant funds to your AP account. Very cool. :thumbsup:


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Hello AP Instant users,

Alertpay was down for a while this morning and all missed payouts have been completed.

The payouts are now rocking and rolling.

We will be offering a bonus for the top upgraded member for this holiday weekend.

From Friday to Sunday top upgraded member will gain 100 referrals from our system.

Also the user will receive a special advertising package.

Happy holidays from AP Instant :thumbsup:

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Got this off a Review program that is trustworthy:


... warning about GetDailyPaid.

This program as we all should know by now is ran by a guy who used to go by the name GoldnDays. He ran many programs in the past and currently runs this program as well as Ap instant. He’s not a bad admin and most of his programs run for a while. But it is the same guy and so there’s a bit of deceit involved in his programs.

He has a certain pattern that he never fails to follow. He will always do instant paying sites and then at some point he will shut off the instant and pay manually for a while before closing. It never fails he always does this. Well GetDailyPaid has stopped paying instantly as of this morning and I don’t expect he will turn it back on. Just an FYI but Do not spend at this program.

***** Correction*******

The instant has been turned back on and payments caught up. Still keep an eye out for the above behavior

I'm sorry folks, but this is the beginning of the end in the 12x12's, when instant payouts are shut off and goes to manual...

Payments are now only on Fridays...

If no payments are posted this week, program goes to scam...


Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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