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Fellow Profit Lovers!

Monsterleads is here to help you maximise your online selling potential!


Who are we?

Before we tell you all about our amazing offers and perks, we’d first like to tell you a little bit about ourselves. Monsterleads.pro is a global performance marketing company specialising in COD Nutra and Whitehat offers. Many of these offers are kept in-house, meaning a more exclusive service for our partners (more on that later). Since 2013, we’ve been consistently converting exciting digital marketing opportunities into profits for thousands of our satisfied partners. Our growth has been startling, having started from humble beginnings in the CIS market, we can proudly claim that we’re now making significant inroads into the global market.


Exclusive Offers and Bonus Systems

Our affiliate network includes a wide variety of prestigious offers, and importantly, most of these offers are entirely exclusive to our network. The vast majority of our partners are direct advertisers and only work with MonsterLeads.pro, so you won’t be able to find them anywhere else. The wide range of offers we have also means that you won’t have to waste your time managing relationships with other affiliate networks. In other words, you’ll be able concentrate on the things that really matter to you.


Informative and Easy-To-Use Analytics

We’ve managed to create a cutting-edge analytical tool with a remarkably sleek and simple UI. This analytical tool allows you to track conversion data from a multitude of sources. All data is

shown in real time, so you’re always up-to-date on the profits you’re making. But the best thing you’ll find about the tool is how simple it is to navigate, the easy-to-use affiliate's dashboard means you won’t be wasting time adjusting to it. What’s more, you’ll be able to see and reap the great benefits from the very first click on your ads!


Our Terms

The MonsterLeads affiliate program always strives to work for the benefit and success of our partners. With regular high conversion volumes, you will be guaranteed access to higher service tiers, from TL1 to TL4, this will allow you to receive immediate payments. We also offer advance payments (starting from 50$) to our established publisher partners.


Our UpSaleMe Call Center

Our very own UpSaleMe Call Center is a significant part of the MonsterLeads affiliate network. They’re tasked with handling the follow-ups to leads for offers and with our guarantee of punctuality as well as the expertise of our managers, you can be assured that you’re in great hands. We believe the high percentage of confirmed leads is due to the UpSaleMe Call Center’s effectiveness. For your benefit, all calls are recorded and stored on our servers. This allows us to resolve any possible disputes, in the case that they might arise.


The Range We Offer

As mentioned previously, we offer a wide range of advertising opportunities to suit your needs, meaning you can simply focus on doing the things that really matter to you.


• Nutra

• Diet & Weight-Loss

• Health & Beauty

• Home Improvement

• Accessories

• Sports

• Adult


Next Analysis Tools 

Here are just some of the ways we can make your work easier through our analytical tools:

  • Online Visualization of Call Center Metrics Dashboard;
  • Behavioral Indicators in Statistics;
  • Data Representations;
  • Domain Parking;
  • Call Tracking (Phone Parking per stream);
  • Detailed tables of Conversion Statistics;
  • Postbacks;
  • Postclick;
  • Global Postback;
  • Convenient API for working with leads and not only;
  • Split Testing;
  • TDS for the Separation of Web and Mobile Traffic.

You will be able to enjoy the service of a personal manager, a support desk available 24/7,

and even a specialist department dedicated to designing landings and promos as well as improving affiliate program UIs and analytics. And don’t forget, our established direct relations with the advertisers ensure the highest rates possible.


So what are you waiting for?

Register with MonsterLeads.pro right now and get matched directly with our trusted advertisers.

You can get started with breakout offers on Arab Geo now:


LED Rechargeable Flashlight Tactical Flashlight


GEO: Saudi Arabia

Price on website: 249 SAR

Payouts: 9$

Approve: 58%

California Shaper Waist

GEO: United Arab Emirates

Price on website: 149 AED

Payouts: 8$

Approve: 59%


GEO: Kuwait

Price on website: 15 KWD

Payouts: 9$

Approve: 47%


GEO: Bahrain

Price on website: 18 BD

Payouts: 9$

Approve: 44%

Split Ender hair tip care device

GEO: Saudi Arabia

Price on website: 199 SAR

Payouts: 10$

Approve: 43%

Pore Cleaner pore cleaner

GEO: Saudi Arabia

Price on website: 229 SAR

Payouts: 9$

Approve: 50%

Adjustable Posture Corrector for Back

GEO: Bahrain

Price on website: 17 BD

Payouts: 9$

Approve: 63%


Take advantage of the most profitable offers for your vertical TODAY!

Accepted Payment Methods: Bank cards, Wire, Paypal, Payoneer, Webmoney

Don't hesitate - register now!

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Tired of wasting your traffic?


Here are some cool TOP offers for you to surf. For adult affiliates only. Potency, articulations, and all the juicy adult stuff you like.

Let’s roll and make money with Monsters!


Largo cream for adults

Link: https://cabinet.monsterleads.pro/offers/7714.html

GEO: United Arab Emirates 

Price on website: 199 AED

Payouts: 13$

Approve: 66%



Anti-age 24K Gold Primer Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Link: https://cabinet.monsterleads.pro/offers/5487.html

GEO: United Arab Emirates 

Price on website: 199 AED

Payouts: 13$

Approve: 51%



Red Pain Relief Gel

Link: https://cabinet.monsterleads.pro/offers/7843.html

GEO: United Arab Emirates 

Price on website: 199 AED

Payouts: 13$

Approve: 55%



Zenza face cream 

Link: https://cabinet.monsterleads.pro/offers/6972.html

GEO:  Argentina

Price on website:  3200 Peso

Payouts: 7$

Approve: 35-40%



Strong Up Pills for Potency

Link: https://cabinet.monsterleads.pro/offers/7257.html

GEO: India

Price on website:  2690 Rupee

Payouts: 6$

Approve: 20% if the traffic is from FB

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Hi everybody!


Today we are sharing a cool adult case from our trusted webmaster. In a few months on one offer, he raised more than $ 8,000. If you also want it - register at Monsterleads.pro.



Maxman UAE case


Offer: "Maxman UAE penis enlargement cream"

Budget: $ 5350

Earned: $ 13505

Profit: $ 8155


ROI: ~ 152%

Traffic Source: Facebook

Landing page: http://maxmano.newsalepro.com/


I was given a fresh offer, they praised it, so I decided to test it.


There are a lot of creative images on enlargements, so I didn't invent anything at first. I just found some ideas in Google, chose one (I think it's not very new) and it turned out that my first picture gave a very good ROI (during the first five days the ROI was about 250%).

The picture I used was the following:




I tried using similar ideas afterwards, but somehow they burned out too fast, so I started trying out fruits and vegetables (a banana, a cucumber, etc.).

Then I found a picture with a jellyfish in the ocean or in the sea, it doesn't really matter. And it had a great effect. Basically, all the profit came from jellyfish images, I haven’t had such a good result for a while. I couldn’t find the image I used, but everything was simple there - it was a photo of a jellyfish in the shape of a penis in the water.


I wrote a very simple and short text, such as «increase it» and «make it huge». I tried a longer text as well, but with little text I caught fewer bans. I only used texts in English.


I used virtual cards from Privatbank.


I hide all the comments using FBtool. I didn’t try to unsubscribe anyone, and I practically didn’t read what they wrote in comments.


I am using rented accounts and real people. In most cases, the spend equals to USD 50 right away, sometimes, but every now and then it makes USD 100 and USD 350. Sometimes there are unlimited ones. During the first two days I just warm up - on the first day I go to different websites, on the second day I create a FP, and on the third day I start it.


I tried experimenting with the target audience. But then I decided to take it easy and selected a wide audience - men from 18 years old.


I also tested different placements, but did not see much difference, so I didn’t bother and left everything by default.


My budget is $ 30-50. It is practically impossible to scale it due to quick bans, it stays there 2-3 days the longest.


Now I'm not uploading much to this offer. Campaigns launch poorly, about 1 out of 5. It’s hard to find good images. But I keep launching anyway, trying things, looking for more profitable ways. I think that with the same approach everyone who is willing to try can pull out some adequate profits. It’s not that difficult. As for me, everything is very simple.



I use the following services:

  • IMklo cloaking;
  • Keitaro Tracker;
  • for hiding comments, tracking account statuses and much more I use FBTool;
  • for entering the account I use a multi-login;
  • I don't use a proxy, I use a 4G modem and change the IP before each login;
  • AdHeart Spy;
  • I create my images in Canva.


Below are the screenshots of statistics from the affiliate network.




I am very happy with the affiliate network, we have been working for quite a long time. Payments come on time, and the support team responds quickly. Wishing profits to all of you!



Subscribe to our Telegram channel to receive new offers first!

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Top-5 African offers


Having an autumn blues attack?


No time for sadness, let's go for hot countries! We have prepared TOP-5 African white offers. Top approvals and great payouts are waiting for you. Let's make money with the Monsters!


Follow us on Instagram or Telegram and get all hot offers first.

Mymi Patch for a slim figure

Link: https://cabinet.monsterleads.pro/offers/7211.html

GEO: Kenya

Price on website: 2900 Shillingi ya Kenya

Payouts: $4

Approve: 50%

ABS Fit muscle strengthening belt

Link: https://cabinet.monsterleads.pro/offers/7718.html

GEO: Kenya

Price on website: 4000 Shillingi ya Kenya

Payouts: $4

Approve: 45%

Flawless Facial fast and painless facial hair removal

Link: https://cabinet.monsterleads.pro/offers/7543.html

GEO: Kenya

Price on website: 4900 Shillingi ya Kenya

Payouts: $4

Approve: 55%

Bushnell monocular

Link: https://cabinet.monsterleads.pro/offers/7753.html

GEO: Kenya

Price on website: 4900 Shillingi ya Kenya

Payouts: $4

Approve: 67%

Steel Rage health and energy bracelet

Link: https://cabinet.monsterleads.pro/offers/7699.html

GEO: Kenya

Price on website: 3900 Shillingi ya Kenya

Payouts: $4

Approve: 45%

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Monocular OMAN case

Monocular OMAN case

Offer: Monocular-OMAN

Budget: $3735

Earned: $11778

Profit: $8043 

Geo: Oman

ROI: ~ 215,34%

Source of traffic: Facebook, Instagram

Landing page: http://monocular.om.newsalepro.com/

So, I guess I should start with the fact that an old offer does not mean a worn out offer. That is why I decided to try testing an old proven offer for Oman. This is the whitest offer which has enough of ready-made creatives for it. So the beginning arbitrage specialists can safely take it for work, both to warm up the accounts and for a good profit as well 🙂

To launch it I needed:

  • own Facebook account to which I bought and linked Business Manager using a special invitation link.

  • I used virtual cards of Monobank and PrivatBank (you can reissue the card for free, and transfer money to it from the main account. If necessary, you can always top it up real quick. And thanks to prompt payments from Monsterleads to the card, there were no problems with the turnover at all).

  • I created a flow, downloaded an automatically configured archive with a landing page (I saw that recently they have new and more interesting landing pages), uploaded the landing page to the hosting - and the advertising domain was ready.

  • I found some proper videos from other geo locations on FB. Also, there are a lot of them in spy services. I put some Arabic text on the video.

  • I also found some texts in the same way - they are translated from English taken from other ads that I found on FB.

I thought of testing approaches in English and Arabic, both in creatives and landing pages. It turned out just the way I expected - the tests showed that Arabs convert best in Arabic 🙂 (Now Google translate knows Arabic quite well, but I would recommend you to translate back and forth several times, as sometimes it translates from Arabic into Russian with a different meaning, so it's better to double-check).

Moreover, it turned out that they are so lazy that they don’t feel like even following the link in the ad, and they kept leaving the same questions under the ads. Therefore I strongly recommend checking the comments more often, answering them and hiding the negative ones. Statistics showed that 20-30% of the orders came from comments that are also very good in terms of approval percentage.



This is the example of working with comments

пример работы с комментами

For information and your own statistics on where the lead came from, I recommend you to specify the subid. In my case, I did the following:


where subid = ra1-10 were ad account identifiers

subid2 = ad1-10 was assigned to each ad

I inserted subid = site into the links to fan page

I put subid = comment if the lead came from a comment

and a bare domain - I inserted it into the ad text

пример удобной работы с sub-метками

The example of convenient work with sub-tags

As a result, the most accurate target was set at 23-50 year old men, only for mobile devices and the following placements:


Кейс Monocular OMAN, изображение №3

      Create new audience                 Use the saved audience

     om 23-50

    Place: Oman

     Age: 23-50

     Gender: Male

     Expansion of detailed targeting: On


At the beginning the budget is $ 50 per campaign, or $ 25-30 per ad. Then you can roll up 20-30% every day to scale up. At first, the pixel was getting trained a little, then applications started coming more actively. Do not forget that when the ad reaches 12:00 midnight local time, the audience gets updated and those ads that showed good results today are not likely to show them tomorrow. Therefore, keep track of that and turn off the ineffective ads on time. And after 12 at midnight, or better in the morning, turn them back on, and monitor the results.

In the future, I recommend that you also make the Business Manager friendly in terms of sharing the pixel to other accounts. In that case you do not have to wait until a new pixel is trained, but use the trained one right away.

The examples of successful ads are provided below:

Кейс Monocular OMAN, изображение №5

Кейс Monocular OMAN, изображение №6

Кейс Monocular OMAN, изображение №7

Кейс Monocular OMAN, изображение №8

то же объявление, но на англ

This is the same ad but in English

In total, there were 967 approvals that amounted to 833,300 rubles, which is equivalent to USD 11,778.

Nearly USD 3,735 was spent on the traffic, which made it possible to get USD 8,043 of net profit.

Screenshot from the Partnership Program:

Кейс Monocular OMAN, изображение №10

Facebook screenshots. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to all BMs, therefore I will share the most significant and profitable ones:

Кейс Monocular OMAN, изображение №11

Кейс Monocular OMAN, изображение №12

I would like to thank my personal manager Dmitry and the accounting department of Monsterleads for prompt payments, which allowed me to scale up and drink delicious beer during the launching processes 🙂

A similar model should work with any white offer in the UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia. So do not hesitate and don’t waste your time - write to your personal manager and check which offer is being uploaded now. Or check the one that has not had traffic for a long time and had time to rest! I wish everyone a great conversion, fewer bans and a fantastic profit!


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New geos are here!


Pay attention guys, it's something really exotic.

For the most adventurous webs, we opened Cambodia, the Philippines and Kenya. Mega-cool offers, payments and approvals are awaiting you.


Ready to show what you can do? Let's make money with the Monsters!


Organic TeaTox Parasite Anti-Parasite Tea

Link: https://cabinet.monsterleads.pro/offers/7463.html

GEO: Cambodia

Price on website: 37 រៀល

Payouts: $8

Approve: new


GEO: Kenya

Price on website: 3990 Shillingi ya Kenya

Payouts: $6

Approve: 61%


Mega Slim Body Slimming

Link: https://cabinet.monsterleads.pro/offers/7261.html

GEO: Philippines

Price on website: 1970 peso

Payouts: $9

Approve: 50%


GEO: Cambodia

Price on website: 39 រៀល

Payouts: $8

Approve: new


GEO: Kenya

Price on website: 4320 Shillingi ya Kenya

Payouts: $6

Approve: 34%


Vigorens prostatitis remedy

Link: https://cabinet.monsterleads.pro/offers/7973.html


GEO: Kenya

Price on website: 4320 Shillingi ya Kenya

Payouts: $6

Approve: 49%


GEO: Cambodia

Price on website: 38 រៀល

Payouts: $8

Approve: new


VERALEX anti varicose cream

Link: https://cabinet.monsterleads.pro/offers/7974.html


GEO: Philippines

Price on website: 1930 peso

Payouts: $8

Approve: 52%


Verrulon cream for removing warts, moles and papillomas

Link: https://cabinet.monsterleads.pro/offers/7975.html


GEO: Philippines

Price on website: 1890 peso

Payouts: $8

Approve: 55%


Register with MonsterLeads.pro right now and get matched directly with our trusted advertisers. 


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For adults only. 


Do you remember that cool adult case study from our trusted webmaster that we shared recently? The one that made $8000 within a couple of months. 


Here we go — catch an adult offer with a fantastically high approval rate! Let's make money with Monsters! 


Read how to make money on Maxman UAE here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CG7TJcoDqdn/


Register at Monsterleads.pro to learn more about new offers and exotic GEOs.


Maxman UAE penis enlargement cream

Link: https://cabinet.monsterleads.pro/offers/6947.html

GEO: United Arab Emirates

Price on website: 199 AED

Payouts: $14

Approve: 60%


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