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  Why weight loss programs are a fallacy

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Two days ago, I read about a 40 year old mother-of-3 who traveled abroad to do a liposuction surgery, after making her husband believe she was going for shopping. The story said she died during surgery, and it was her friend who is aware of her plans that broke the terrible news to her husband.


Most of us will remember this is exactly how Nigeria's former First Lady, Stella Obasanjo, died.

When it comes to loosing weight or burning adipose tissue, I strongly advice against liposuction, slimming tea, fat-burning tea and so on.


These are the "easy ways" people subscribe to.


How do you expect to get such quick results after years of sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits that lead to the body and/or abdominal size you have?


It took years to accumulate all that adipose tissue and you want to use just days to get rid of it?

Diet modification and regular targeted exercising are the best ways to do this with no side effects at all.


Yes, it will take you longer to achieve your aim but it will build you up too.

You will acquire discipline gradually till you can comfortably resist the cravings for junk food and unhealthy diet in general. You will be determined to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

They say that good things do not come easy.


"No pain, no gain"


Slimming and fat-burning teas have the tendency to cause severe diarrhea. You believe it is "excess fats" that you are purging out of your body. But you are actually loosing a lot of essential nutrients which will lead to electrolyte imbalance that has its own complications.

Having a healthy diet and lifestyle can save you a lot of trouble.


Dr. Min Da



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Unintentional weight loss does not always have an identifiable underlying cause but, in addition to the causes already mentioned, it's often the result of: depression. an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism), or over-treating an underactive thyroid. cancer.

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