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I am not an admin or owner. The topic was created for informational purposes.

Start of the project: 01.10.2020

About the project:

NTCinvest company is engaged in combining trading on foreign exchange exchanges with the development of the latest information technology tools. We have a fairly significant amount of computing power, which allowed us to develop a specialized neural network that analyzes and processes a large amount of information and integrates it into the stock investment market. The use of neural networks in the Forex market and large crypto currency platforms makes it possible to remove from several data streams one, the most likely result of the development of events, which allows us to perform trading operations with great accuracy.

The main feature of the work of any neural network is its ability to learn and act on the basis of previous experience, each time making fewer and fewer mistakes. It was this feature that became decisive in choosing the direction of the development vector for NTC invest. The neural network, in our understanding, is an ideal tool for studying and analyzing the investment market, it is constantly developing and allows us to level the problem of the 'human factor'.
Before using the neural network in trading, we trained it to find and correct patterns. Note that the learning process, as well as testing, is a rather capacious process. Today, the network can effectively predict the trend based on the skills acquired. That is, the network is constantly comparing new data with those already available in its database. Based on the results of this comparison, a forecast is made.
Neural networks use two types of data in the analysis at once: for training and testing, creating your own indicators, algorithmic trading and for modeling risks. Note that in addition to everything, the neural network is able to combine technical and fundamental data, which allows them to be optimally applied in such a direction as exchange arbitrage.

Investment plans:

Min. amount: 10 $
Max. amount: 1000 $
Profit: 7%-9% weekly
Term: 60 working days

Min. amount: 50 $
Max. amount: 500 $
Profit: 115%
Term: 15 working days

Min. amount: 500 $
Max. amount: 100000 $
Profit: 10% weekly
Term: 60 working days

Withdrawals: instant

Payment systems: Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum
Affiliate program: 5-level: 5%-4%-3%-2%-1%
Tech. characteristics:
- Domain: GoDaddy.com, LLC, 2019-03-17 - 2021-03-17 (registered for 2 years)
- Hosting: Germany 1 & 1 Internet Ag
- IP address: (live sites on IP: 2)
- SSL: Let's Encrypt Authority X3 Let's Encrypt, valid: 29 Sep 2020 - 28 Dec 2020
- Script: not defined
- Novelty: design: 0 | pattern: 0

Our deposit (listing)

The topic was created for informational purposes only and is not a call to any action.
All responsibility for the safety of your money lies solely with you.
I am not responsible for your decisions!

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Дата операции: 02 Окт 2020 18:01
ID операции: 1162707861
Тип операции: перевод
Статус: выполнен
Сумма: 5.40 $
Комментарий: NTCinvest withdrawal
От: P1019785146

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300.00 USD: New payment order #13adf78e-0c0d-4dbb-9717-e29dcb862909

Date:    13.10.2020 19:25:01 (UTC+3)
Payment date:    13.10.2020 19:25:48 (UTC+3)
Recipient:    NTCinvest / ntcinvest.com [complain]
Comments:    NTCinvest deposit
Order ID:    13adf78e-0c0d-4dbb-9717-e29dcb862909
Payeer ID:    130431415
Payment system:    Payeer
Amount:    300.00 USD

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