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Facebook Shops: A Sure Way To Grow Your Ecommerce Business

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Using Shopify? If yes, then your online business is poised for massive growth. Yes, this is true because Shopify has tied up with Facebook to bring you a never-before heard concept in eCommerce known as Facebook Shops. These are nothing more than customizable storefronts on Instagram & Facebook.

What is a Facebook Shop?

Visualize the current situation – You are an eCommerce website owner selling your products online. Your eCommerce store is built on the Shopify platform and your customers comprise visitors who come to your store from various places.

Now it is possible for you to grow your business with a Facebook Shop. Basically, a Facebook Shop is a simplified version of your online store that is placed within the Facebook and Instagram mobile apps and enables Facebook and Instagram users not only to visit your shop, but also to browse, share and buy your products and discover a unique and seamless shopping experience.

The concept of a Facebook Shop is very unique and has immense potential for success in these trying times when lockdowns are in force in most countries of the world and movement of people is restricted. As both Facebook and Instagram have a huge fan following, it becomes possible for you to harness and direct this huge traffic to your Facebook Shop.

What features and functions are possible in a Facebook Shop?

A Facebook Shop offers immense value for money with a host of features and functions:

Customize your Facebook Shop

Using Shopify web development services you are able to bring the same look and feel of your Shopify eCommerce store to your Facebook shop.

Create catalogues

You are able to group together items from your inventory into a catalogue. This improves the shopping experience of your clients as it helps them discover your products category-wise.

Channel management

You are able to manage and deliver a unique shopping experience to your customers across Instagram and Facebook.

Improve checkout experience of shoppers

Your Instagram visitors are able to place and complete and order without ever leaving Instagram.

Creating your own branded store on Facebook and Instagram

By far the biggest advantage of a Facebook Shop is that it lets you bring out your products to the digital market place of both Facebook and Instagram. It enables you deliver a unique shopping experience to your customers that integrates completely with the native aspects of each platform.

Secondly, it lets you bring out your distinct brand in front of your customers just like the way you want it. For example, if you have a preference for any specific colors, or layouts, then it lets you customize the colors and layout of your Facebook Shop, and organize your product catalogs into featured tiles to match the look and feel of your Shopify store.

All these features ensure that the shopping experience of your clients is easy and seamless, that motivates them to recommend your products and stores to others too.

Lastly, using Shopify web development services, you are able to do integration with Shopify. This enables you to sync your products, inventory, and back office perfectly with your Shopify store. As a result, you are able to operate your business in one place and sellon many sales channels.


Gone are the days when a business owner used to rely on a brick and mortar store alone to present products in physical form and expect clients to buy them. Today, in addition to these stores, business owners build complete eCommerce stores using Shopify web development services and offer comprehensive catalogues to help clients select products.

Now with the possibility of building a customizable storefront on Facebook and Instagram that gives their clients the same look & feel and shopping experience as their Shopify eCommerce sites, business owners can expect their business to grow exponentially.

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