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What are the best Forex trading platforms/brokers?

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Forex brokers are firms that provide currency traders with access to a trading platform that allows you to buy and sell foreign currencies. Retail forex brokers, handle a very small portion of the volume of the overall foreign exchange market.

Some of the best forex brokers:

Saxo Bank

This is considered one of the best forex brokers overall. It is the best overall because it has great competitive pricing to get involved, and has access to a wide range of markets. In addition it is very secure with multiple regulatory licenses. It also offers all forex traders with innovative trading platforms that really create more options for traders making them more successful.

Btw, I am trying to build a team with people who are interesting in learning how to trade. Here is the link to join my team and the name of the company is called mastery im academy. it is an education platform to learn how to trade https://iM.Academy/corp/cjoin?enroller=trade2bewealthy


This forex broker is considered best for CFD trades which means Contract For Difference. A contract for difference (CFD) is a popular form of trading that helps traders to speculate on the rising or falling prices of fast-moving global financial markets. This means that traders who like this trading style look for a wide range of tradable products in their platform which you can find globally on IG. IG is also very trusted around the world which is good for traders because they need to be able to trust their forex broker. They also provide Comprehensive research tools and real-time exchange data. In addition, they have a broad range of markets, including multi asset CFDs like cryptocurrencies.

TD AmeriTrade

This forex broker is only for US residents but it is great for Americans if you need a forex broker. If you are an American I would suggest this one because it is ranked number one for customer service and is very well trusted. It is regulated within the United States standards and is very heavily looked after. It has a wide array of premium research and tools to help traders succeed. They are predicted to start using Bitcoin trading which is also up to date and will be useful. They also have excellent phone support which can be an essential aspect of trading if you are hands on with questions and need answers.

Overall, these are some of the best forex trading brokers. I highly recommend taking a look at these three forex brokers because they are some of the most regulated and also have good tools.

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My broker is Eurotrader. It is one of the best brokers for scalping. One reason is it gives ultra low spreads beginning from 0.0 pip. From the most punctual beginning stage of my trading calling I supported scalping as my trading system. I persevered through a ton with different brokers when I was endeavoring to do scalp. After each one of the fights with my advantage making I finally got Eurotrader and I am particularly appreciative for the broker to be like this. I genuinely like them as they have most decreased spreads in all  currency pairs. They have forex, shares, futures,and cyptos as well.

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Forex trading is the most famous and profitable business in the world. Anyone can start trading and earn a lot of money from the forex market. If you want to start trading in the forex market then you have to choose best platform for yourself. There are many platforms in the forex market you have to choose one that suits to you. I trade with Eurotrader. They are one of the best brokers I have ever worked.

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Most new traders think he is going to be rich within few months. He got the easiest way to make money quickly. The problem is they have been introduced forex like that. Most newbie traders do not know the ugly truth of forex trading. Forex is not an easy job to do.

You need specific knowledge and skills. And for that you have to give time and efforts. It doesn't happen overnight. Not even in few months.  I am trading with Forex4you where I study their advanced educational resources to learn more about forex market and trading. They also provides very low spreads and instant trade execution.

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It is very important to choose a trading broker. A trader can't succeed if the broker does not provide the right service. As a trader, every trader should choose the right broker. You must have the trading experience to gain consistent profit. Provides proper service to Eurotrader and helps the broker to move forward. This broker is very honest and trustworthy.

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Mostly new traders think trading in Forex market would be very easy as well as earning money. But the reality is earning money in Forex market is the most difficult tasks forever in the world. But there are ways to become successful. TP Global FX is an experienced Forex broker who give me proper trading guideline and expert assistance so that I have improved my trading skills as well as earning huge money as per my demand.

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Forex Broker helps traders to execute their trade easily and smoothly. Traders need to choose the broker wisely. By choosing wrong broker While I trade in the market I rely on Forex4you. This broker has tight spreads, unblemished execution, dynamic leverage and ease of trading facilities than any other broker in the forex market. Anyone can easily trade with the help of this broker.

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On 12/21/2020 at 8:23 AM, maspluto said:

Existing brokers must be able to pay close attention, this is necessary so that traders can be better and can be maximized in carrying out trading activities in accordance with the expectations of being on a real account with Tickmill.

We should understand that risks need to be minimized while doing our trades.

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