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<< Site Name: exbonds.net <<

>> Site Url: https://exbonds.net/open-an-account/trusthyips786 <<


<< Min: $10.<<

>> Max: No Limited.>>

>> Plan:
4%-5% daily for 50 days and principal back, withdraw principal at any
time with 10% fee

>> Status: PAYING++++


<< Withdraw: Manual <<

>>Payment accepted:
PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etheriam.>>

Good luck.

>>>>>> Registration now <<<<<<<


Investment Rules
• Every deposit is considered to be a private transaction between EX BONDS LTD. and investor.
• Investors process all asset management transactions exclusively at their own discretion and their own
risk. The size and term of deposit is determined personally by each investor.
• Accrual of interest on the investment is calculated and credited to investor's account daily
(Every 24h of deposit time)
• The principal will be returned after plan completion.
• The interest rate depends on the amount of investment and selected investment plan.
• Investor can use our Profit Calculator for an accurate calculation of his profit.
• Investor may choose any payment system that we accept in order to make a deposit.
• EX BONDS LTD. accepts payments from 8 processors: Perfect Money (USD), Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin,
Ethereum, Doge Coin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash.
• Investor can open several accounts for their own use. However, they cannot use them to get a referral
commission for registering next accounts as previous downlines. Using multiple accounts just to get a
referral commission from your own deposit may result in closing all of your accounts.
Withdrawal Rules
• Withdrawals are processed by our operator manually within 24 hours of sending order.
• The payout processing time of Cryptocurrencies is the time of send a transfer from the wallet owned
by EX BONDS LTD. to the target wallet specified by the investor. Transfer time does not equal the
time of reaching the target customer's wallet.
• EX BONDS LTD. is not responsible for incorrectly entered wallet for receiving withdrawals, as well as
for the activities of exchanges, exchange offices and other external operators servicing the investor's
• EX BONDS LTD. reserves the right to extend the payout time in case of doubts related to abuses,
detected attempts to break into the investor's account and others which constitute a violation of the
rules or require individual contact with the investor.

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