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I am not the admin or the owner of the project, I don’t know the admin!


Started: Tuesday, 01 september 2020
Payouts: Manual (within 36 hours)
Ref-offer 0% for "1.4% daily for 6 days" plan (NO RCB) and 3.6% for others

Technical details (information from ISP and HyipLogs resources):

  • Domain: NameCheap, Inc., 2020-07-20 - 2021-07-20 (registered for  1 year)
  • SSL: Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA valid from 23 Aug, 2020 to 24 Sep, 2021 - Sectigo Limited
  • Hosting: Ddos - Guard Corp
  • IP-address: (Belize / Belize City) IP used in 2 projects / 1 payings
  • Script: H-script
  • Originality: design: 0  |  template: 0
  • Simillar text HYIPs:  0
  • Simillar design HYIPs:  0


The Coffee-tea investment company began to develop since 1993, when YIT graduates (Yancheng Polytechnic College) came up with the idea of cultivating and supplying coffee and tea and making money from it. For a long time they were looking for an investor to create this company, there were more than 30 attempts. And only a narrow group of Investors who earned Capital on bitcoin, and in 2018 believed in us and invested 670 thousand dollars. This event allowed entering the Asian markets and starting to engage in import deliveries. We work in the markets of Vietnam, Mongolia, South Korea and other Asian countries. Now we are raising funds for the development of distribution and the construction of logistics warehouses.

Payeer, Perfect Money

Investment plans:

  • $15 - $450: 1.4% daily for 6 days
  • $40 - $5000: 1.7% daily for 18 days
  • $40 - $5000: 2.0% daily for 32 days

Telegram: https://t.me/coffeeteainv


150.00 USD: The amount of 150.00 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U19811025->U24989906. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. coffee-tea.ltd.. Date: 08:45 12.09.20. Batch: 333988070.

This topic was created for the purpose of information. I am not responsible for your decisions!

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Payment Received
+ 1.98 USD
Date:    21.09.2020 12:38:30 (UTC+3)
ID:    1151161612
Details:    P1031647588 → P4405011
Comment:    Amount: 1.98 USD

Payment Received
+ 1.98 USD
Date:    24.09.2020 06:33:15 (UTC+3)
ID:    1154008770
Details:    P1031647588 → P4405011
Comment:    Amount: 1.98 USD

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