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Magento website optimization

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Need to fix your website? Your website health directly influences your business results. We provide Magento technical audit to identify weaknesses in your website’s performance and security and build out an improvement strategy. With our help, you can fix the issues in the code that prevent your business from growing.

To do a Magento 2 audit we will look if the custom code that powers your online store satisfies established standards and Magento best practices, if there are any performance problems that negatively impact your conversion rates, and if the latest security updates have been installed on your platform.

Make sure your website is speedy both on desktop and mobile. If you don’t focus on delivering the fastest user experience, Google may rank your competitors’ websites above your own. To accurately troubleshoot the issue of slow loading time, we look at frontend performance, backend environment, and server-side elements. The most common factors that slow down ecommerce websites are fonts, images, JavaScript files, or poor custom code. Sometimes you might also need a better server to increase your website performance.

Prevent the risk of cyber-attacks and manage vulnerabilities. We check if your web servers got the latest patches and security software installed and if not, we’ll install it for you. We also control and limit the IP addresses that are allowed in your area, review all usernames and passwords on your site, and remove trading and customer data from a publically accessible web server. After we review your website, we’ll provide you with a list of detailed security improvements and implement these improvements. Check more in our blog here


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