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I am not admin or owner of this program! All investment projects have risks, so don't invest what you can't afford to lose.


Arbitly is a Arbitrage Trading Platform with aim to get rid of the remarkable market problems that have lingered for long in the crypto exchanges.

The essence of this platform is to ensure a redistribution of the funds that the owners of the platform deduct from the customers as extensive commissions and fees for the deposit or withdrawal of assets.

The overall aim is to maximize gains for the trader. It is believed that the advantages of the benefits accruing from the technology and opportunities offered by the cryptocurrency trading system are shared with all the users and not just a select group of exchange owners. In other words, the gains from the system are democratized, meaning traders stand a greater chance of recording gains with their transactions.

It is practically not possible for one trader to have active deposits on the maximum number of exchanges in order to choose the most favorable price conditions. Arbitly, thanks to local partners around the world, has accounts in various cryptocurrency exchanges. We are constantly adding new exchanges, attracting new local partners.

Started: 2020-06-20

My deposit: 2.69 ETH + 0.072 BTC


Investment Plans

The minimum deposit amount is 0.025 BTC, 1 ETH or 1000 XRP(BCH and LTC will come soon). You can earn 0.3%-0.5% from each cryptocurrency order, and you can make 1-3 orders per day, so that your daily earnings will be approximately 1%-1.5%. What's more, you can withdraw your principal and profits any time you want without release fees.

Payment Options: BTC, ETH, XRP

Promotional Rewards

Regular member: 7% and 3% from your two-level members' transaction profits
Partner member: 10% and 5% from your two-level members' transaction profits

Withdrawal Type: instant

Register: https://arbitly.io/?ref=vipinvestor

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  • 2 weeks later...

Instant withdrawals from this super amazing program
I have been running the automatic bot and also getting boosters whenever they expire to maximize my earnings
The bot gives me amazing profits on my daily trades, totally love it 🙂

Payment batch - 

0.016704 BTC
2020-08-02 13:46

0.136702 ETH
2020-08-07 20:3

0.017207 BTC
2020-08-07 20:33

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  • 4 weeks later...

Instant withdrawals from this super amazing program
My 0.2 btc investment is gaining really big profits with the automatic trading
Totally love how it has been running so smoothly
You should not miss this big project guys 🙂

Payment batch - 

0.020552 BTC
2020-08-16 05:31

0.011990 BTC
2020-08-19 07:29

0.016726 BTC
2020-08-24 01:34

0.095897 ETH
2020-08-24 01:38

0.026398 BTC
2020-08-31 19:15

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  • 2 weeks later...

Instant withdrawals from this amazing program guys
What a beautiful project which is running bots for our profits and everything is just perfect
I am happy to be buying the bot here along with the booster for excess profits 🙂

Payment batch - 

0.03 BTC
2020-09-10 04:57

0.132497 ETH
2020-09-10 05:02

+124.5235 XRP
ID: 1139583243

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  • 2 weeks later...

Instant withdrawals from this super amazing bot
I have been earning here with the automatic bot and profits are increasing for me daily
I love it  here!
I will add more soon 🙂

Payment batch - 

0.022803 BTC
2020-09-18 17:21

0.019079 BTC
2020-09-23 15:36

0.118307 LTC

0.062425 BCH
2020-09-23 15:57

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  • 3 weeks later...

What a beautiful trading platform we have here
This one is paying since many months now and always instant withdrawals are processed no matter when i request it
This bot helps us to trade without any risks for our invested money
This is amazing indeed 🙂
A big platform for sure which no one should miss

Payment batch - 

0.022624 BTC
2020-09-29 21:05

0.127495 ETH
2020-09-29 21:12

0.028067 BTC
2020-10-07 05:59

108.044798 XRP
ID: 1167113846

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  • 2 weeks later...

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