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officially launched date : 23-07-2020

Description of the program :


New Zealand has many volcanoes, including active ones. Accordingly, boiling geysers also abound. New Zealand public utilities have long time used them to heat homes. Today, there are almost 150 geothermal zones, about a third of which are involved in the utility industry.

Representatives of commercial organizations adapted hot steam for the operation of industrial power plants: due to active underground geothermal processes, columns of hot water and steam burst upward, rotating turbines and generating electricity. The temperature in them ranges between 80 and 220 degrees. And the efficiency of geothermal power plants is the highest, along with other sources of renewable energy, such as wind, sun, ocean, because the rate of electricity generation does not depend on weather conditions, it is a stable and renewable (by the standards of mankind) energy source. We are developing the industry and increasing the volume of produced and exported renewable energy in New Zealand by investing in geothermal sources and in optimizing the production and accumulation of renewable energy.

The world we live in is not stable. Financial markets - even more so. Modern trading is also subject to various changes. And what worked a year or even several months ago, today may already be irrelevant. Experienced market participants can rebuild their trading system by introducing new technologies and changes in market conditions. We realize the inevitability of changes and are making adjustments in advance to save and increase the funds of our partners and of the corporation.


the link to join :


minimum investment : 100$
investment plans : 1% daily profit for 20days.
deposit option and withdrawal : BITCOIN, Perfect Money, Payeer, Ethereum, USDT and Litecoin

Warning -am not the admin neither the owner so therefore only invest what you can afford to lose.






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