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What is the difference between URL And Web Addresses?

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Hi Friends,
URL and Web Address are one and all the same. The latter is a much more common terminology that people can understand without have to lookup on the web like you would do for URL.

While writing code in lets say CSS or JavaScript, you often encounter the acronym URL rather than web address because it is a standard that’s been followed in the development of interpreters or compilers.

For example:

To set a background image from external source using CSS, you would use this code:

background: url(‘www.example.com/fuzzybear.jpg’);
While you are asked to share the link the resource to your friend, in this case the fuzzybear.jpg file, you pass on the web address to it.

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 A URL is the address of a particular website, audio stream or document available on the Web. URLs consist of the Internet protocol needed to access the item you wish to locate on the host computer.

A Web Address more commonly defines a unique name that helps people remember a URL 

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