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How are active links different from normal links?

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An active text or graphic link on a Web page. Clicking the link redirects the user to another Web page or a document or image. Live links are also placed into email, allowing recipients of the message to immediately go to a website or open an attached document or image.

The default color for normal and active links is blue. Some browsers recognize an active link when the mouse cursor is placed over that link; Others recognize active links when the link has the focus. Those that don't have a mouse cursor over that link is considered a normal link.

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Hi Friend,

RL is an acronym for "Uniform Resource Locator", and it is the address that specifies the location of a resource on the Internet. A typical URL must specify the protocol used to access the resource, the name of the host computer on which it is located, and the path of the resource: http://www.server.com/main/folder/resource.html The above URL indicates that the document resource.html is located at the web server www.server.com where it can be found in the path /main/folder.

An Hyperlink, or simply a Link, is "An element in an electronic document that links to another place in the same document or to an entirely different document. Typically, you click on the hyperlink to follow the link.

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The default color for normal and active links is blue. Some browsers recognize an active link when the mouse cursor is placed over that link;

Others recognize active links when the link has the focus. Those that don’t have a mouse cursor over that link is considered a normal link.

Both links are very essential in seo.

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