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Jennifer Atkinson

Build a taxi app like Uber with this guide

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Extensive Market Study

This is a primary step in taxi app development. You need to do an extensive market study of your locality. By doing a market study, you'll get to know what the market is expecting from you. Moreover, you get to know the flaws of your competitors. This is a primary step to identify the needs of your target audience.

To know the latest market trends and to stay competitive in the market, the market study is highly essential.

App development rates:

The software development rates vary from location to location. Across the globe, there are certain hotspot areas for software development. The rates in those areas are discussed here,

India, China These Asian countries are the cheapest for software development. The rates vary between $10-$80 per hour.
Egypt, Nigeria The software development rates in these African countries vary between $20-$50 per hour.
The United Kingdom On average, software development rates in the UK can cost you $100 per hour.
The US The home to Silicon Valley is probably the most expensive hotspot for software development. The rates vary between $80-$200 per hour.

Now that you know the development stages, and the economy involved, make sure you properly plan your development. However, the development process is tedious. If you are a newbie to this taxi-services market, you can venture into the market with a Uber clone app. There are various uber clone apps available in the market. Guess what? Developing a taxi app from scratch can cost you at least $15,000 while getting a clone app can cost you only around $1999. So, act wisely and thrive in the market.

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