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Looking for good gambling offers

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Hello everyone!
My team and I are actively working with casinos/bookies in the European sector. The team consists of several developers that generate traffic from mobile apps. What we are looking for is a direct trustworthy CPA/CPL partnership. We can provide all the relevant statistics and what we achieved so far upon your request in order to start our mutually beneficial cooperation. If there are any readers who can recommend us something feel free to leave any offers/networks available in the comments. If you have any offers for us, in the message please specify the CPA/CPL rate, geo and conversion, and if possible data that you have on this offer.

My Skype is: live:.cid.cdec8dc50ae9c0b6

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I want to know the name of the company or some information about you because I see that you are new in this forum and I think that you don't have experience in this domain. I love to gamble and I won a lot of money based on it. Most part of my money I won on https://yaboclub.asia/sg/sportsbook and now I have in plan to create an online casino because I noticed that there a lot of players who want to gamble every day but I want to create a legal one like the site above. I am in the process because it takes time to make all the documents. I think that in 3 months it will be available.

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