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UMI OneApp is already here! The official release of the first beta version!


Friends, at the end of 2021 we decided to give you UMI OneApp – the boundless world of decentralized finance, gathered in one place. We tried to make each element of our application convenient, understandable and easy to use even for a beginner on the crypto market. And most importantly – everything must work quickly and be as safe as possible. We’re proud to announce:

The first beta version of UMI OneApp is ready!

Hurry up and click the link, test and use the first web version of the unique solution for the DeFi world, which combines all kinds of earnings in the crypto market.

The beta version of UMI OneApp – https://app.umi.top/

At the moment there is a web version of UMI OneApp available, which can be used from your computer as well as from your phone or tablet. In the future, we will also release a handy mobile app specifically for our DeFi-ecosystem.

The beta version of UMI OneApp has all the features we promised you earlier. And even a little more:

The UMI OneApp home page. It opens all the functionality of the DeFi-platform in front of you. Convenient navigation allows you to connect to the ecosystem and navigate to the main functions: crypto-assets exchange, staking, farming and everything else.

U-Wallet multicurrency wallet. Supports UMI, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. UMI OneApp users can work with assets from the listed blockchains: both coins and tokens. We will add support for other networks later.

Connection to UMI OneApp via UMI Wallet mnemonic phrase. We added the ability to work with UMI OneApp via a previously created mnemonic phrase for UMI Wallet. So users don’t have to create a new wallet – you can use an existing mnemonic phrase to access all the benefits of UMI OneApp.

MetaMask support. MetaMask is the most popular wallet for DeFi-protocols. We have added its support to make interaction with UMI OneApp even more convenient and accessible. At the moment, through MetaMask, you can work with assets from Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks supported by UMI OneApp (the most liquid and least risky ones).

Decentralized U-DEX exchange. You can already exchange popular assets from Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. You can also provide liquidity and farming in PancakeSwap, UniSwap and SushiSwap pools. At the moment not all tokens or coins from BSC and Ethereum networks are available for exchange or providing liquidity, but only the most popular and liquid ones (we don’t want to expose our users to increased risk). However, as UMI OneApp develops, the number of supported cryptocurrencies and tokens will grow as well.

U-Aggregate is an aggregator of decentralized exchanges. At the moment, only routing functionality is implemented, which offers the user the most profitable route to exchange cryptoassets when making transactions on U-DEX. The search for the optimal route takes place through 1inch.

GLIZE and UMI exchange via SIGEN. pro. We have added a handy feature to quickly exchange UMI and GLIZE via tumblers on SIGEN. pro. Technically the functionality is implemented by using market orders.

U-Staking — a page with cryptocurrency and token staking. Now GLIZE staking is available, later we will add support for other crypto-assets.

U-GameFi — a page displaying the top 10 “play and earn” games on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains.

U-ProfitCenter — a page displaying all possible ways to earn money on UMI OneApp.

U-Dashboard is a personalized smart control panel. Here the user can see all the necessary information about his assets, staking, pools, and farming.

U-DAO is the first version of a decentralized autonomous organization where UMI holders can vote for certain changes to the UMI OneApp protocol and the UMI network.

U-Burn is an interface for burning UMI. Also here you can see the statistics about burning of the coin. The service will be expanded in the future.

U-Data is an analytics dashboard in the form of dashboards and graphs for tracking overall activity in the UMI OneApp ecosystem.

U-Interface — a service for downloading and installing UMI nodes.

U-API – a service that provides a lot of different possibilities for interacting with UMI node via API.

NFT-marketplace announcement page. The functionality of creating, selling or transferring NFT is not available yet, but you can already see how this promising section of UMI OneApp will look like.

And many other technical features that make interaction with UMI OneApp as efficient as possible.

The beta version of UMI OneApp supports English and Russian, and reflects the value of assets in Russian rubles and U.S. dollars. For your convenience we have recorded a video on how everything works on UMI OneApp. You can watch it and thus get acquainted with the platform:

Video – https://t.me/umi_news_eng/486

Friends, this is an important step for all of us, but we are just at the beginning of our journey to develop the best DeFi-platform on the entire crypto market! In the future we will create mobile versions of UMI OneApp and start working on updates that will make our platform even better. We have a long road ahead of us to develop and integrate new solutions. The next major release of the UMI OneApp update will be very soon – in the first quarter of 2022.

UMI OneApp – one solution, a million possibilities!

The Beta version of UMI OneApp — https://app.umi.top/.

Always with love, your UMI team!

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Year in review and plans for the future


Dear friends, the outgoing 2021 turned out to be interesting and eventful. Throughout the year, we have been working tirelessly to make UMI better and popular with a huge number of people. You supported us, believed in us and helped develop the cryptocurrency. Thank you for that!

It was a real Ox (Bull) year for the entire crypto market (isn’t it metaphorical?) and for us, too — UMI has reached new heights, has grown stronger and is ready to show its unique nature and prospects to the entire world. 

We’ll take you through all the events, step by step.

First half of 2021 — UMI popularization

In the first half of 2021, we mainly focused on the spread of the cryptocurrency and its popularization. Our user base was growing at an incredible pace that some crypto projects wouldn’t achieve in an entire lifetime. Trading volumes and activity in the UMI network also increased. 

Here are some significant events that highlight our efforts to popularize UMI:

Blockchain Wave. In April, UMI was presented at the international Blockchain Wave conference in Antalya. We did not just participate in this international event — we became its title sponsor. Thanks to this, many crypto enthusiasts and crypto market experts have learned about UMI. 

Supreme Blockchain. In May, UMI became the title sponsor of the Supreme Blockchain conference in Dubai. This is a truly global event for the crypto industry that all the leading media write about, including Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance and Business Insider. They all mentioned UMI as a title sponsor. Here’s the video report from the Supreme Blockchain conference — https://youtu.be/FA3X4YeI-h0.

UMI’s anniversary. June 1 was a significant day for all of us because this is when UMI was launched! In the outgoing year, our community celebrated the first UMI’s anniversary all over the world – in Dubai, China and Indonesia. In particular, we would like to mention Dubai because it was there that the brightest holiday honoring UMI was attended by crypto experts, celebrities, representatives of the business elite and ruling families of the United Arab Emirates. They all discussed development prospects, features and advantages of UMI compared to other cryptocurrencies. As a gift, the Burj Khalifa – the tallest skyscraper in the world — was painted in the colors of UMI and gave an incredibly beautiful presentation show. It was an amazing and large-scale event. Watch the video report here — https://youtu.be/_pcFhMEIGcg.

Listings. Listing on the BTC-Alpha exchange, as well as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. At the end of the first half of 2021, UMI began to grow even faster and found new audience. UMI was added to the new BTC-Alpha crypto exchange which made it possible to list it on the popular crypto market data aggregators — CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Subsequently, we worked with CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko to update the data on the UMI page and continue to do so until now.

However, we were not only engaged in popularizing UMI during the first half of 2021. We also gradually improved its technical features: namely, we improved the mobile app and cryptocurrency code. Thus, in late May, an easy-to-use version of the validator node was presented which allows anyone to support the operation of the UMI blockchain, thereby increasing network security. This made the UMI network even more decentralized because each of you can install a node and ensure compliance with the network rules. 

Improving UMI’s technical base eventually allowed us to launch, in early autumn, a node that can work in ‘turbo’ mode and is capable of withstanding a load of 65,535 transactions per second. Moreover, we proved in practice that we can handle such a high throughput. UMI officially became the fastest payment system in the world, having proven the high throughput in both test and main networks.  

In early autumn, we also released a new validator node with the desktop wallet functionality. It allows you to manage your coins without having to visit the official website. You can also use it to support the network: verify transaction authenticity in the UMI network and monitor compliance with the blockchain rules.

Change of the development vector and creation of UMI OneApp

In the second half of 2021, we continued to popularize UMI. To do this, we listed our cryptocurrency on several other exchanges, including Bithumb Global (BitGlobal) and Bibox. But, more importantly, we changed the vector of development in the second half of 2021. 

In 2021, we also faced a number of difficulties. Thus, staking with a high percentage negatively affected UMI pricing. We actively looked for a way out and came to the conclusion that we have lots of prospects in the DeFi market. But we could only enter it if we stopped staking. However, we couldn’t make such large-scale decisions without the approval of our large UMI community, so we decided to have a universal decentralized vote. 

On October 21, we published the Manifest — a document that presented our vision of the UMI OneApp DeFi platform. In it, we also offered the community a choice: either we continue to stake UMI, or we stop staking and start developing a top-end DeFi platform based on the high-tech UMI blockchain. 

On October 25, the decentralized voting was launched . Any UMI holder could take part in it. On November 1, the voting ended. Over 90% of those who voted chose the path of development – stop staking, integrate the deflationary mechanism by burning UMI and develop the UMI OneApp DeFi platform where UMI would be a native coin. Voting results – https://app.umi.top/yet/voting.

Immediately after the voting ended, we began to turn our plans into reality: update all UMI documentation and website, as well as develop smart contracts and other tech tools to launch UMI OneApp. 

At the same time, we ordered an audit of the UMI code from the American cryptocurrency, blockchain and smart contract security firm Bramah Systems. It successfully ran the test and ruled that the UMI code was safe, had no vulnerabilities or external dependencies and was written from scratch in full compliance with the best practices. Bramah System posted audit results on its website — https://bramah.systems/audits/Umi_Software_Review.pdf.

In late November, we launched a new node which made it technically possible to issue tokens based on the UMI blockchain and a new type of transaction — Burn. Using this mechanism, over 400 million UMI have already been burned, and burning goes on. 

On December 29, an extremely important release happened — release of the first beta-version of UMI OneApp — a whole universe of DeFi solutions in one place. UMI OneApp https://app.umi.top/.

Further development of UMI

As you can see, we have a few things to be proud of in the outgoing year. However, this is just the beginning because we have just started developing UMI as a top-end blockchain for various DeFi protocols. We plan to make UMI OneApp the best platform for launching and using decentralized applications. Lots of new discoveries and conquests lie ahead of us. We have already planned the following for 2022:

Further development of UMI OneApp. This is our most important goal. This is about improving the available solutions and developing new ones. We intend to make UMI OneApp a place where absolutely all crypto users — both experienced crypto users and beginners — will be able to find the DeFi tools they need. The first beta-version of the platform presented on December 29 is just the beginning. We will launch all the products and solutions that we presented in the Manifest, and then we will work on improving and developing UMI OneApp. Moreover, in addition to the desktop version, a convenient mobile app will be there for you. 

The next major update is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022, and we hope that we will be able to make you happy.

Listings on new exchanges. We will make UMI even more accessible and well-known. To achieve this goal, we have planned new listings on awesome cryptocurrency exchanges. In particular, we are working on listing UMI on the most popular crypto exchange — Binance. However, to achieve this goal, we need to secure a few more important listings on major exchanges. And we intend to do this. 

Further popularization of the cryptocurrency. We intend to continue using all available tools to spread information about UMI and UMI OneApp benefits, such as PR campaigns in the world’s leading crypto media. After all, we have a lot to tell the world about

Dear friends, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to you for all your support. We are confident that together we will succeed — and UMI will become Number One in the decentralized finance market. 

Happy New Year!

Love, UMI Team!

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UMI OneApp multicurrency crypto wallet — when all crypto assets are available in one place


Dear friends, we’ve decided to tell you about the available UMI OneApp functionality, as well as plans for further development. Let’s start with the basics — the U-Wallet multicurrency wallet. 

U-Wallet is a multi-currency crypto wallet. Technically, this is an interface where you can interact with crypto assets from various blockchains. Currently, it supports three networks: UMI, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. 

U-Wallet now allows you to connect to the UMI OneApp platform using the UMI mnemonic phrase and the Metamask wallet. After the user is connected, they can use convenient functionality for viewing and analyzing various assets based on the supported blockchains, as well as manage them. All information is nicely structured and the interface is totally intuitive. Even a beginner who has never used cryptocurrencies before can easily figure it out.  

You can use U-Wallet to work with various DeFi tools within UMI OneApp and run other operations, such as send, receive and store various coins and tokens. In other words, U-Wallet is a universal tool for working with a variety of crypto assets. But that’s not all.

In subsequent releases, we plan to add support of more blockchains, including Bitcoin, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot and others. This will streamline interaction with cryptocurrencies a lot which is exactly what we are trying to achieve. Users won’t need to create multiple wallets for different blockchains. You will be able to manage absolutely all crypto assets from various networks in a single, completely secure place — U-Wallet.

UMI OneApp combines all features of the crypto market in one place!

In our next post we will talk about U-DEX functionality. Stay tuned. 

Here’s the link to the first UMI OneApp beta version: https://app.umi.top/

Always yours, UMI Team!

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U-DEX — instant and convenient exchange of crypto assets from various blockchains


We continue to tell you about the available UMI OneApp functionality and our plans for its development. Today we will tell you more about U-DEX. 

U-DEX is currently a decentralized exchange (platform) for exchanging crypto assets within a single blockchain. However, in the future, the platform will allow exchanging various cryptocurrencies and tokens, even if they originate from different blockchain networks. 

To exchange crypto assets, UMI OneApp connects to various exchanges:

Uniswap — for the exchange of assets on the Ethereum network;

SushiSwap — for the exchange of assets on the Ethereum network;

PancakeSwap — for the exchange of assets in the Binance Smart Chain network;

SIGEN. pro — for the exchange of UMI and GLIZE. 

In the first three cases, the popular 1inch routing service is used which ensures the most profitable exchange. On SIGEN. pro, market orders are used to exchange UMI and GLIZE. 

Our goal is creating a single platform for the entire DeFi market. U-DEX is already tackling this task, partially — you no longer need to switch between different exchanges for a profitable exchange of multiple assets within the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and UMI networks. It will all be in one place. However, we will not stop there. 

In the future, we will improve U-DEX functionality by:

- Creating our own liquidity pools for UMI, GLIZE and other crypto assets.

- Developing the U-CrossChain tool which will allow exchanging assets from various blockchains using tokenization. For example, you can exchange USDT from the Ethereum blockchain for USDC from the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

- Developing the U-AtomicSwap tool which will allow for atomic swaps — decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies (for example, BTC for ETH).

- Improving the U-Aggregate service. Routing and finding the most profitable exchange path will be much more efficient as U-DEX develops.

- Developing the U-DEXP2P platform which will allow for decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies and tokens for fiat money without intermediaries — and vice versa.

- Other innovations in compliance with the Manifest: https://umi.top/OneApp_en.pdf

Users will be provided with a wide range of tools for various types of exchange. It will become even better, more convenient and profitable. Imagine a world where all financial services can be found in one place in just a couple of clicks. This is exactly the kind of tool we are creating!

Here’s the link to the first UMI OneApp beta version: https://app.umi.top/

Love always, UMI Team!

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Profit Center — safe, convenient and profitable way to multiply assets


When developing UMI OneApp, our main goal was creating a DeFi platform that would satisfy absolutely all needs of today’s cryptouser. Today, we’d like to tell you about one of the key elements of our ecosystem. 

The Profit Center is a convenient tool you can use to generate earnings in multiple DeFi areas right now:

Staking — send tokens to a staking pool and earn interest;

Liquidity Pools — provide liquidity to various DEX exchanges;

Profitability Farming — earn passive income in available liquidity pools;

GameFi — choose one of the top 10 blockchain games based on the Play-to-Earn concept, and earn while having fun.

All solutions have been designed and made available in order to make interaction with UMI OneApp intuitive, convenient and, most importantly, safe! Anyone can easily choose the method they want to multiply their crypto assets and start using it. 

However, we’d like to remind you that so far only the beta version of our multifunctional Profit Center and the UMI OneApp platform are available to you. In the near future, we will add other crypto assets for staking, new pools for providing liquidity and farming, including those based on UMI and GLIZE, new games, as well as many other solutions for earning cryptocurrencies in compliance with our Manifest: https://umi.top/OneApp_en.pdf

UMI OneApp is a single solution with a million possibilities!

Here’s the link to the first UMI OneApp beta version: https://app.umi.top/

Always yours, UMI Team!

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GLIZE set out on independent development. Subscribe to chatbot and social media accounts


Dear friends, the first UMI blockchain-based token – GLIZE – set out on the course of independent development as a native token of the future UMI OneApp NFT marketplace. An independent team is now actively designing the platform and developing GLIZE. You have a chance to be among the first to see one of the elements of the future NFT marketplace.

The GLIZE Team plans to design a top tool to work with NFT tokens. Even now, the GLIZE token already has huge prospects as it will allow its holders to: 

- Obtain privileged access to the NFT marketplace functionality;
- Take part in project development;
- Run profitable transactions with NFT;
- Gain lots of other advantages in the future.

You can stake GLIZE today and receive new tokens for simply storing them.

To stay updated on the latest news and not to miss your chance to be the first to join the future NFT marketplace, subscribe to GLIZE social media accounts and join the chat bot:

Chat bot for GLIZE Community – https://umischool.customer.smartsender.eu/lp/Sw5C0YLg

Social media accounts:

Telegram – https://t.me/glizeEngnews
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/glize_eng/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/EngGlize
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/GLIZE-Community-ENG-105470015347798
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK-Gbq7cS5J6m0rR3gajN-w

Sincerely, UMI Team!

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UMI – lightning speed, security, reliability and usability


Last time we talked about the reasons for choosing the existing two-layer model of the UMI network. Now let’s look at the advantages of this architecture.

- High operating speed. UMI is capable of processing 65 535 transactions per second, which has been successfully proven in practice on the core network. Fast communication channels allow to launch complete validator nodes and quickly synchronize the blockchain. And nothing prevents average users from receiving balance and transaction information without delay via a blockchain browser or wallet, without installing nodes at all.

- High reliability. A two-layer system eliminates the possibility of third-party impact on master nodes. And in the case of increased load, allows traffic to be distributed among a large number of running servers. Also, protection is integrated to eliminate the possibility of DDoS attacks.

- Security and privacy. To interact with the UMI network, you don’t need to share your public IP address. Therefore, attackers have no way to identify and attack node holders and ordinary users.

- Usability. Node is easy to install, you don’t need any specialized knowledge to do this. 

Thus, we managed to create a unique system that combines safety, reliability, high speed and great usability. But it can be improved and that’s what we are doing now. We will tell you about it in our next publications.

Always yours UMI team!

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UMI strives for maximum reliability and independence, and we are actively looking for ways to achieve this


As we told you in our latest post, complete decentralization is impossible today because the Internet is fully controlled by the government. But we strive to create a truly reliable and independent system. To achieve this goal, we have considered a few interesting ideas that we would like to share with you today:

- Using the CloudFlare geo-distributed load balancing solution. The idea is to optimally distribute traffic – if one of the data centers fails, the user will automatically connect to another, the nearest one. However, this approach has a key drawback – dependence on CloudFlare and the DNS system.

- Using the Tor network. Tor is currently the most convenient option for creating a decentralized network. However, it has certain limitations. Thus, the Tor network speed is quite low and is about 2% to 5% of the maximum node speed in the UMI network. It should also be noted that Russian has been attempting to block Tor since December 1, 2021. This has significantly reduced the number of users of this network.

- Using the CJDNS protocol. This protocol resembles the Tor network in many ways and even allows you to work without an Internet connection. However, it is much harder to use which will negatively affect the user experience.

- Launching a DHT network. This solution proved to be quite good during the tests, but it could allow hackers to deanonymize users and carry out certain types of attacks on the UMI network.

Summing up, we have not yet found an ideal solution for our network, but we are actively continuing to study this issue and will regularly update you on our successes in this area. Most importantly, our work will not stop until a solution is found. 

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UMI smart contracts – safe, fast and convenient


When designing the UMI blockchain platform, our main goal was making the product convenient, fast and secure in all respects. Therefore, we decided to use the model of embedded smart contracts which are managed using special transactions. This allows us to get the following:

Very high speed of operation at a low cost. All UMI smart contracts are optimized to work at max speed while consuming minimum resources. The speed of UMI smart contracts is comparable to the speed of the blockchain itself — 65,535 TPS. 

High level of security. UMI smart contracts are pre-tested and verified at all possible levels. This allows us to ensure there are no annoying errors leading to the loss of tokens that users of DeFi protocols sometimes have to deal with.

Ease of use. To use all the advantages of the UMI blockchain platform, technical knowledge is not a requirement. This makes UMI the most attractive ecosystem for a wide audience. 

However, there is no limit to perfection! We will soon tell you about scaling up of the UMI blockchain platform. 

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UMI code: key advantages of the GoLang programming language


When developing the UMI blockchain, we chose the GoLang programming language to write the network code from scratch. An important feature is a special compiler that is able to translate particular program code into binary code that will be accurately recognized by the virtual machine.

In practice, this means the following:

- The ability to run a validator node on almost any device — starting with powerful servers in data centers and ending with cheap smartphones. 

- The ability to create Ethereum-compatible UMI smart contracts since one of the virtual machine instances for Ethereum (EVM) is also written in GoLang. 

- Most interestingly, GoLang (also used by one of the EVM versions) will allow the UMI blockchain to support smart contracts of any complexity written in any programming language. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Solidity, Rust, Vyper or Yul — the compiler converts code into binary format and wraps it in a transaction.

By the way, we have already tested the launch of the validator node on mobile devices. We will tell you more about this later.

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Technical nuances of the UMI blockchain

How is the speed, security and reliability of the UMI network ensured? What role do master nodes and validator nodes play in these processes? Why is 100% decentralization difficult to achieve in today’s realities, and how does UMI seek to overcome this obstacle? We’ve got answers in a new video on our YouTube channel.


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How can you start playing and earning with UMI OneApp?


Dear friends, UMI OneApp is an integrated ecosystem that unites multiple DeFi areas. To demonstrate the advantages of our platform more clearly, we decided to publish a few guides on using certain tools. Let’s start by looking at how you can earn money on blockchain games!

So, how can you start playing and earning? It’s really easy! First, open the UMI OneApp website — https://app.umi.top/.

Then, in the big Profit Center section, select Play and earn:


This will display a list of popular blockchain games based on the P2E principle (Play-to-Earn). In these games, users can fully own their assets, buy or sell them, get rewards for various achievements and use other methods to earn money. 

On the left, you will see a convenient navigation menu with the supported blockchains. You can choose games based on the following blockchains here:

- Ethereum;
- BNB Smart Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain);
- Hive;
- Worldwide Asset eXchange;
- Polygon.


For example, let’s select the most popular blockchain — Ethereum. Although transactions are quite expensive in this network (depending on the network load, commissions vary; for example, the average transaction cost is currently about $20), Ethereum remains the most popular blockchain platform for launching various DeFi solutions. 

At present, UMI OneApp offers five games that support Ethereum:

- Decentraland is a whole virtual world where you fully own your digital property. 
- The Sandbox is a decentralized, blockchain-based equivalent of Minecraft and Roblox.
- Axie Infinity is a collectible NFT game that combines Pay-to-Win and Play-to-Earn mechanics.
- Alien Worlds is a metaverse where players can mine in-game TLM currency and trade various NFTs.
- Splintershards is a game for one-on-one battles with another player with similar rating.


You can select any of them by clicking its icon. This will display a detailed description of the gameplay functionality which you can use to decide whether you are ready to start the game. 

For example, the popular Axie Infinity game (almost 3 million active players daily) requires initial investments which can pay off later if you win. Users need to buy and breed Axies — virtual creatures — and use them to fight with other players. 

The game page also displays the in-game currency exchange rate in real time. 


If you like the game, click Play:


You will be immediately redirected to the game’s website where you can start playing and earning. 

If you don’t like the game after reading the description, go back to the previous menu and select another game. 

Right now, UMI OneApp users have access to the TOP 10 most popular blockchain games on the GameFi market. Soon, however, we will add more games that use the P2E principle, so keep a close eye on our updates. We also plan to create games based on the high-tech UMI blockchain in the future. 

Follow the news. Yours, UMI Team!

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Virtual World Based on UMI Blockchain is Real!


A short while ago, we told you about the top GameFi projects that are already available to UMI OneApp users. After reading this article, you might have had a logical question – could we create something like this or even an entire virtual world based on the UMI blockchain alone? Naturally, the answer is ‘yes’!

We could create a truly unique product thanks to the ultra-high speed of UMI blockchain and zero network commissions. UMI can easily handle the heaviest load!

The UMI coin or blockchain-based tokens could be easily integrated into a GameFi project as in-game currency. NFT support on the UMI blockchain would allow you to truly own your assets — virtual real estate, digital apparel, art and game objects, among other things. 

Moreover, users of the UMI-based virtual world would be able to buy or exchange their property on an NFT marketplace also available in UMI OneApp.

UMI-based GameFi is one of the areas of our future growth!

Meanwhile, we continue to actively work on improving the UMI OneApp DeFi platform in accordance with our Manifest — https://umi.top/OneApp_en.pdf.

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Boom on the Virtual Real Estate Market


We recently told you about the prospects of creating a virtual UMI-based world. We also asked you what you would do in the metaverses. Most of you chose ‘Earnings — asset trading, including NFT’ and ‘Entertainment — games, casinos, gambling’. It’s interesting to note that digital real estate will also play a key role in the development of the metaverses. This sector is growing rapidly:

- Sales of digital real estate in 2021 amounted to more than $500 million.

- Starting from January 2021 until the present day, the average price of digital land in the four most popular metaverses has increased from $1,265 to $12,684.

- Some parcels of virtual land even sell at higher prices. For example, an investment firm called Republic Realm bought 100 private islands in The Sandbox for $15,000 each last year. Today, they’re selling for about $300,000 each. 

Further growth of the virtual real estate market is expected in 2022. In January alone, sales totaled $85 million, and over one year this figure could even reach a record $1 billion. Given the dynamics we observe, this is completely real. Moreover, according to analysts of JPMorgan, one of the world’s largest banks, the metaverse market will reach $1 trillion in annual revenue in the coming years, a significant share of which will be accounted for by the sale of digital real estate.

It’s only natural that UMI shouldn’t ignore this growing sector. We’re gradually breaking ground in the business of creating an entire metaverse based on the high-tech UMI blockchain — in the NFT sector. In the virtual worlds, each digital parcel of land or item is an NFT token, and we’re actively developing the NFT marketplace right now. 

In the future, we will be able to create an entire virtual world and integrate both UMI coins or blockchain-based tokens as an in-game currency, and NFT tokens that will be traded on the NFT marketplace in UMI OneApp. 

Digital real estate based on UMI is real!

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How can you make money on providing liquidity and farming in UMI OneApp?

It's easy!

1. Log in to the UMI OneApp DeFi platform;
2. Open the Liquidity Pools section and add liquidity to one of the available pairs; 
3. If you wish, open the Farming section and provide LP tokens.

That's it! You will receive a reward for providing liquidity. 

Read more in our article — https://blog.umi.top/?p=3212.

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Browser UMI Wallet for Google Chrome

We continue to develop the large-scale DeFi ecosystem — UMI OneApp. The basic component of the DeFi industry is an easy-to-use, secure and intuitive crypto wallet. And we have some great news in this respect. 

UMI now has its own browser wallet!

A browser wallet is the foundation of the decentralized finance industry because it allows you to safely and conveniently interact with various apps.

You can use it to do the following:

- Securely connect to UMI OneApp to work with your assets on the DeFi platform: review your balance, exchange, stake or transfer coins or tokens. You only need to indicate your mnemonic phrase in the UMI browser wallet once and then you can use it to confirm all transactions in UMI OneApp.
- Directly work with crypto assets from the Chrome browser. 

When you connect to UMI OneApp, the system will automatically prompt you to download the browser wallet. 

UMI browser wallet for Google Chrome - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/umi-wallet/einhphiffjfjogeofkpclobkcgennocm/related

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