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GameFi has lately achieved a real breakthrough in the crypto industry. In simple terms, GameFi is blockchain-based games. Their distinct advantage is the opportunity to earn real digital assets during gameplay.
Alas, GameFi users have to deal with problems typical of existing blockchains: low capacity and high fees.
The UMI blockchain is able to solve both these problems!
UMI's high-tech nature will allow blockchain games to rise to a new level. Just imagine a virtual world in which:
- All transactions are free and instant;
- All in-game items are in the form of tokens that you can buy or sell in the game and on exchanges;
- UMI coins or network tokens are used as in-game currency;
- UMI's high scalability rules out the network overload.
It's clear that existing blockchain games need to be developed, and the UMI OneApp ecosystem can make a significant contribution to their development.

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UMI-based NFT to take the sector to a new level


The market of non-fungible tokens (NFT) has seen a great boom this year. Digital artists sell their works for hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars; video game developers actively integrate NFT tokens into their projects, and sports clubs sell their players’ cards in the format of NFTs.

The advantage of NFTs is that each token is indivisible and unique and its owner has the exclusive right to it. In this way, NFTs can resolve a lot of problems related to copyrights — to track ownership of an asset, you just need to view the history of transactions with this asset on the blockchain.  

NFTs are actively used and developed in such areas as:

- Digital art
- Music industry
- Digital collectibles
- Sports clubs’ fan tokens
- Blockchain games, or GameFi
- Ticketing business

And this is just the beginning — NFTs can be used in many other areas which involve identity verification and documents or items authentication: law, insurance, real estate and antiques, certification and licensing.

For this reason, UMI OneApp users will have access to U-NFTCenter — a universal NFT marketplace where they will be able to create, store, transfer and sell NFT tokens. Zero-free transactions in UMI blockchain will ensure users to make transactions on the most favorable terms.

On top of it, U-NFTCenter will fully support all popular blockchains. In other words, users will be able to exchange any tokens based on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana and other blockchains.

UMI OneApp is all NFTs in a single place!

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Dear friends, we’re in the final stage of preparation to the large-scale UMI network upgrade. Right now, we’re actively testing the new node, and the upgrade of the main network is planned to happen on November 29 at 07:00 UTC.

The new node supports issue of tokens in the UMI network and coin burn!

After it’s launched, it will be technically possible to issue tokens in the UMI blockchain. GLIZE will be the first token.

The UMI network will also have a new type of transactions — burn transactions. These will be transactions that will make the much-awaited UMI burn feature! 

Important: all users will need to update the UMI Wallet mobile app after the new node is released. The new app will be released along with the node — on November 29 at 07:00 UTC. The old mobile wallet version will not be supported!

You will also need to update the validator node if you installed it.

We will publish all links after the successful launch of the new node.

Yours, UMI Team!

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Friends, the burning mechanism on the UMI network is working successfully.

Today at 12:55 UTC, 175 048 642 UMI were burned using the new transaction type, Burn.

Here is the transaction itself —

Another 150 000 000 UMI were burned through the conversion of coins into GLIZE tokens.

Transaction — https://blockchain.umi.top/transaction/48f47f9996cd9c86565d8ad5ab0c06467cf1565c1b5d68c93dd1ee64c039bb4f.

Current UMI emission is 677 773 263 and will continue to decrease.

UMI burning + increased coin demand = deficit.

Always with love, your UMI team!

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What is DeFi and why is it so popular? New video about UMI OneApp

In this video, we’re answering important questions. 

What is decentralized finance, or DeFi? Why is it an important tool for the crypto market? What are the unique opportunities opening up for DeFi users? Why are we developing the UMI OneApp ecosystem and how is it related to DeFi capabilities? 

We will also review the DeFi infrastructure, DEX capabilities and U-SWAP functionality.


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