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[UMI] Universal Money Instrument - umi.top

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One of the features of Bitcoin is a pre-programmed algorithm for creating new coins.

However, not all cryptocurrencies have followed this path. For example, the emission of the same Ethereum is set by the developers. Moreover, miners are not able to resist this.

Initially, Ethereum miners received 5 ETH per block + commission. Then the developers decided that this was too much and cut the reward to 3 ETH. Then they cut it again — to 2 ETH, and now they want to exclude commissions from the reward.

In this case, UMI adopted the experience of Bitcoin and developed its own pre-programmed algorithm for creating new coins — a smart contract for staking.

Moreover, users can create new UMIs without much effort: they just need to place their coins in one of the staking structures. Further, the cryptocurrency will multiply at a rate of up to 40% per month right in the wallet. 

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UMI Buy Wall Placed at 365 BTC: What It Is and Where to View It


Many crypto users are afraid of the high volatility that is characteristic of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency price can both surge and drop which, at the very least, raises unpleasant emotions in its holders. We’d like to emphasize that this applies to all cryptocurrencies, not just UMI. 

To solve this problem, we set up a wall of orders to buy UMI at a price of $ 0.95 in the amount of 365 BTC (about $15 million at the current bitcoin price of about $40,000).

If you are wondering “where can I view this wall?”, look for the answer below.

What is a “buy wall”? 

First you need to understand what an order book is. 

Order book is a stock trading term which means a set of orders to buy or sell cryptocurrency. For example, if we go to SIGEN.pro exchange — https://sigen.pro/trading/UMI_BTC, below the graph we will see a list of offers to buy or sell UMI at a certain price:


The area where all buy and sell orders are displayed is called the order book. 

Wall is also a stock trading term. It is used to indicate a particularly large offer to buy or sell an asset from the order book. In our case, this is the offer to buy UMI worth of 365 BTC. 

Where can you view the UMI buy wall?

The UMI buy wall amounting to 365 BTC was created at SIGEN. pro cryptocurrency exchange. You can view it in the order book.

- Go to the exchange website — https://sigen. pro/trading/UMI_BTC.

- Scroll down the order book.

This is the wall:


You can also look at the total cost of all buy offers because, apart from this large order, there are other orders created by users. You can see the total cost of all buy and sell offers just above the order book:


Keep in mind, however, that in this case it’s only SIGEN. pro cryptocurrency exchange. In addition to the exchange, SIGEN. pro also has a P2P platform where there is another wall created by our partners – leaders of the ROY Club.


You can view the total amount of all buy and sell offers on the UMI website in the Liquidity menu — https://umi.top/ru/liquidity:


This is where it is best to view the cost of all buy and sell offers because:

- Here, liquidity data is pooled from three platforms: SIGEN.pro exchange and P2P platform as well as Crypto-by-Card platform;

- All amounts are displayed in dollars.

How does the wall protect UMI price from falling?

UMI buy wall ensures that even if an individual or a group holding a very large amount of coins wants to sell them instantly, they will be able to do so using the large buy offer, and the price will not fall below this value. 

As you can see for yourself, the order offers to buy over 15 million UMI at a price of $0.95. Today, there is no single address that would hold such a large amount. You can see this for yourself by reviewing address monitoring data in the UMI blockchain — https://blockchain.umi.top/ru/addresses.


Moreover, even if all of the TOP 50 addresses with the LARGEST UMI balances want to SIMULTANEOUSLY sell ALL cryptocurrency on SIGEN.pro, they won’t be able to bring the price below $0.95. 

Anyone can use the wall to sell any amount in UMI coins at a price of $0.95. 
At the same time, we’d like to emphasize that UMI has been and remains a highly liquid and popular coin with a trading turnover of about $3-5 million per day https://umi.top/ru/volumes.  

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If you want to start mining BTC, then first you need to buy expensive equipment, then find a place to install it. And with this, problems also arise, because this equipment is very noisy, heats up and requires a lot of electricity.

You also need to understand the special programs that are installed for mining. This is all very complicated.

Ethereum has a similar situation, only with the equipment it is easier, because it is now being mined on video cards.

In the case of UMI, technologies are used that make it possible to create coins as simply and safely as possible.

All you need to do is create your own wallet and use it to add cryptocurrency to one of the staking pools of your choice.

Further, UMIs will be generated by themselves at a rate of up to 40% per month, and you will not have to do anything else.

Moreover, you can withdraw coins from staking at any time and send or sell somewhere. And only you have access to your coins!

UMI — control your cryptocurrency!

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New Awesome Video About UMI

Dear friends! We have translated the awesome video, which was first presented at UMI’s first anniversary celebration, to multiple languages and uploaded it to our channels. What is freedom, what it takes to think big and become fully independent? Anything’s possible with UMI! 

It’s a must-see: https://youtu.be/FR2Hkd_Rl2k

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UMI Growing Rapidly on Chinese Market!
Friends, we're continuing to share information about how UMI is conquering the world market with you.
After the coin celebrated its first anniversary, we've seen growing user activity in China. Users and top opinion leaders now see all advantages of UMI that are openly talked about in social media in videos like this:
As we said so many times, cryptocurrencies are the future. Unique technologies allow us to unite the world and make it a better place.
Today, UMI is one of the most high tech and promising cryptocurrencies!
As you can see, more and more people from different countries learn about UMI, see advantages of this coin and actively use it. This trend is already on, and can it be stopped.
UMI is the future that is already here.

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UMI Added to BTC-Alpha
New horizons opening up!

Dear friends, we’re happy to announce UMI has been successfully added to the BTC-Alpha exchange. Our coin has rapidly become the leader in the social listing and collected the required number of votes from users. It confirms once again a huge demand for the coin in the crypto community.

You can already deposit UMI on BTC-Alpha, and trading will start a little later.

Even though we were not the ones who initiated this listing due to the partnership with SIGEN.pro, it’s still a step forward for us:

- Now more people will know about the coin — BTC-Alpha has over 350,000 active users.
- UMI liquidity and trading volume will grow. They are quite high already and will grow further.
- Now UMI meets CoinMarketCap requirement of being listed on at least two exchanges and will be added to this platform in due time. It’ll make UMI even more popular!

Listing UMI on new exchanges is another step in developing the cryptocurrency. It opens up completely new horizons for us. We’re only moving forward! 


Sincerely, UMI Team!

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UMI Added to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko!


Dear friends, the UMI coin continues to develop on all fronts, and we are reaping the fruits of our hard work with dignity. We have amazing news for you! 

The UMI cryptocurrency has been added to CoinMarketCap (CMC), the world’s No. 1 crypto market data aggregator. This is the world’s largest, most popular and truly leading portal on cryptocurrencies! 

The UMI coin has also been officially added to CoinGecko — another most popular and largest cryptocurrency data aggregator with a huge number of users from all around the world! 

The daily number of traders and investors using these largest crypto analytical services amounts to dozens of millions of people. This means that a huge number of potential users from different parts of the world will learn about our coin! 

UMI on CoinMarketCaphttps://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/umi/

UMI on CoinGeckohttps://coingecko.com/en/coins/umi

P. S. It’s just been added to the listing so some information is still displayed incorrectly. For example, on CoinMarketCap, UMI is erroneously designated as a token, and the data on the coin and its trading volumes are still incomplete on both platforms. However, all this will be fixed in the near future and we will definitely inform you about the changes. 

Congratulations on the great news and a sincere thanks for your support. 

Moving on, your UMI Team!

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Data update on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko


Dear friends, as promised, top aggregators of crypto market data — CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko — have started updating information about UMI:

UMI status has been successfully changed from token to coin since UMI is a cryptocurrency with its own blockchain.
Information on UMI/USD trading volumes on the BTC-Alpha exchange has been added.
Information about the coin has been partially updated/added.

We emphasize again that the addition of UMI to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko will significantly increase the credibility of the coin and will have a positive impact on its reputation and growth since millions of users around the world rely on these aggregators of crypto market data every day.

- UMI on CoinMarketCap — https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/umi/
- UMI on CoinGecko — https://coingecko.com/en/coins/umi

Moving on, your UMI Team!

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UMI, like other cryptocurrencies, is becoming more and more popular every day among ordinary people around the world.


And there are many objective reasons for this. For example, when conducting transactions using cryptocurrencies, you get a number of advantages over bank transfers. Among them:

- freedom from high banking costs
- freedom from transfer limits
- freedom from nasty suspicions and pesky identity checks

In short, cryptocurrencies are freedom. This is a real revolution that makes a person independent from financial institutions and their policies! 

But UMI goes even further, providing its users with unique opportunities.

Read more in our article:

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One of the most popular strategies for traders on the crypto market is arbitrage trading.


Here’s how it works.

Arbitrage trading is buying a cryptocurrency on one exchange and selling it on another for profit. Due to various factors, the price of cryptocurrency on different exchanges may differ. And since some coins can be transferred quickly and with minimal fees, arbitrage trading opportunities arise.

For example, thanks to the listing of UMI on BTC-Alpha, users also have the opportunity to arbitrage trading:

- Suppose the UMI price on BTC-Alpha is $ 1;
- And the price of UMI on SIGEN.pro is $ 1.1.
- The user can buy UMI on BTC-Alpha, transfer to SIGEN.pro and sell there, receiving the difference between the purchase price and the sale price.

A key factor in successful arbitrage trading is the ability to perform fast and cheap transactions.

And in the UMI network, transactions are instant and absolutely free, which makes the coin incredibly attractive for trading!

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Attention: how UMI can be stolen via phishing


Dear friends, with the growing popularity of UMI, there are more and more scammers whose goal is stealing users' coins. Most often, thefts happen on phishing sites — these are sites that copy the original wallet page https://wallet.umi.top/.

When a user opens a fraudulent phishing site and enters the mnemonic phrase, hackers snatch it and immediately steal the victim's cryptocurrency.

Therefore, we strongly recommend you check the address bar every time to make sure the site address is entered correctly. 

The only official UMI wallet is located at the following address — https://wallet.umi.top/.

All other variations of this address are fraudulent. 

Always check the address in your browser before entering your mnemonic phrase. 

Sincerely, UMI Team. Secure your coins!

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UMI on CoinMarketCap — 'coin' status


Dear friends, UMI status on CoinMarketCap is now displayed correctly. Previously, UMI was mistakenly displayed as a token, but now the status is correct — 'coin'.

UMI on CoinMarketCap — https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/umi/.

UMI is a fully featured cryptocurrency with its own blockchain which is why it’s a coin, not a token. We told you about the terms in more detail before — https://blog.umi.top/?p=2035

A short UMI description has also been added. It’s not the final version, we’re now working on adding complete information about the coin to CoinMarketCap.

Additionally, CoinMarketCap will soon add data from the UMI blockchain to display them correctly.

We’re continuing to develop our cryptocurrency.  We will soon see up-to-date, complete and correct information about UMI on the top aggregator platform.

Sincerely, UMI Team!

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Critics often say that cryptocurrencies are not backed by anything. But this does not mean that they have no value.


Fiat currencies of the world are also not backed by anything. Previously, they were backed by gold, but nowadays they are no longer. Opponents of this claim believe that the US dollar is allegedly backed by the American army or its economy, but this is not entirely true. The US dollar is a fiat currency that is effectively controlled by a small circle of bankers to provide value.

At the same time, the value of the same bitcoin is unique and undeniable, since the Bitcoin network is transparent and operates on the basis of simple and clear rules. Anyone with access to the Internet can become its user.

Bitcoin is protected by cryptography and mathematics!

UMI followed the same path:

- Pre-known emission rates;
- Comprehensible and transparent rules of the network.

UMI is a universal monetary instrument that makes its users free!

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We decided to share some interesting information with you.

In 2014, analysts at the investment company Fidelity decided to analyze the accounts of different investors and found out an amazing thing:

The best results were on accounts whose owners had died or had been inactive for a long time.

That is, investors who buy certain assets and hold them for a long time get much better results than those who actively manage their portfolio.

The same applies to the rapidly developing cryptocurrency market. Every day there are more and more cryptocurrency users, and the price of promising coins, like the capitalization of the entire market, is growing. And even in spite of short-term price fluctuations, the entire sector is growing steadily in the long term.

And, as practice shows, the best results on the crypto market are obtained by those who bought promising coins and hold / accumulate them for a long time.

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Detailed information about UMI has been added to CoinMarketCap

Dear friends, we previously informed you that CoinMarketCap is actively working on updating information about UMI. We are now reporting on the next step in this direction. 

A detailed UMI description has been added to CoinMarketCap!

CoinMarketCap now displays full information about the advantages of UMI, the unique characteristics of the coin and peculiarities of its operations.

UMI on CoinMarketCap — https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/umi/.

We continue to work in this area. Information from the UMI blockchain and some other data will be added to CoinMarketCap. Information on another popular crypto market data aggregator — CoinGecko — will also be updated: https://coingecko.com/en/coins/umi.

Sincerely, UMI Team!

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We would like to officially share with you another nice development.

UMI cryptocurrency has been added to another exchange — C3 Exchange!

UMI is developing all the time, more and more users find out about our cryptocurrency, understand its advantages and start to actively use it. This is why cryptocurrency exchanges add UMI to their trading platforms, seeing growing demand for the coin.

As for us, listing on C3 Exchange is another step in popularizing the cryptocurrency as it has now become even more accessible to each user. It also means entry to a new market, and growth of liquidity and trading volume. 

UMI is currently listed in pairs with BTC and USDT:

- UMI/BTC — https://c3.exchange/trades?currencyPairId=UMI_BTC
- UMI/USDT — https://c3.exchange/trades?currencyPairId=UMI_USDT

By the way, USDT is a completely new market for us. Previously, UMI was traded in pairs with BTC and USD.

We’re continuing to grow together!

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We remind you that on May 20, UMI officially entered the promising and emerging DeFi market.

This means that you can:

- Buy or sell WUMI (tokenized version of UMI) for USDT or any other token on one of the decentralized exchanges;
- Add WUMI to liquidity pools and receive commission fees on every exchange that users make.

To use UMI in the DeFi market, exchange your coins at the Umiswap exchanger - https://umiswap.online/. And then send WUMI to one of the exchanges:

- Uniswap - https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x46943113ae84e732bb510b5f7686d8b76ff56774
- PancakeSwap - https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x46943113ae84e732bb510b5f7686d8b76ff56774
- JustSwap - https://justswap.io/#/home?tokenAddress=TDH9sTjrxgrL8oogwMYw4Lq8UK25pTfp3d&type=swap
- QuickSwap - https://quickswap.exchange/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x10Adf16a60F0020477c70473D6EA595D9bc29372

We will soon release detailed guides on using UMI in the DeFi market.

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UMI’s video report on its 1st year of operation: achievements and plans

It’s been three years of hard development effort and one year of rewarding work after the launch of the network. We’ve managed to create a coin meeting modern crypto industry standards and allowing us to reach true freedom. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have been actively using UMI, and it’s just the beginning.

Dear friends, over the first 12 months since the launch, we’ve completed a herculean task of developing and promoting UMI and we’re now ready to present the 1st year video report covering a period from June 1, 2020 to June 1, 2021. We’ve prepared an awesome video for you featuring our achievements over this period, as well as our plans for the future.

Video URL (it’s a must see): https://youtu.be/UbOLulkhZL0

Attention: the video features UMI achievements over the first 12 months, so all numbers were effective as of June 1, 2021. Our plans remain effective until today.

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Attention, subscribe to our new account on Instagram!

Dear friends, we’re moving to a new account on Instagram to publish the highest-quality, most useful and insightful content in various formats. Not to miss out on the most relevant information and awesome visuals, subscribe now! 

Link to our new Instagram account — https://www.instagram.com/umi.eng/

P.S. We will no longer support our old Instagram account, so make sure you subscribe to the new one.

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