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[UMI] Universal Money Instrument - umi.top

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What will tournaments be like in UMI Jack?


Dear friends, we work on improving UMI Jack every day. Today, we’d like to share some details about the weekly tournaments among players, to be added in one of the future updates. 

According to the plan, tournaments will be held each Friday (isn’t the end of the working week the best timing?!). 

To take part in the tournament, you will need to make a certain contribution in UMI. 

Tournament addresses will be displayed to everyone — so you will be able to see the prize pool of each tournament.

Part of the prize pool will be burned for a positive impact on the UMI tokenomics. 

The remaining coins will be transferred to the tournament winner’s address.

The tournament itself will be based on the Olympic system (knockout game): the loser is immediately eliminated and the winner of the match-up plays in the next round against the winner of another match-up. The tournament lasts until only one winner remains. They scoop the entire pool. 

We know you want to play right now and hit the jackpot. We’re also looking forward to the day when we can launch this new functionality. The actual release of the tournaments is expected in mid-summer — but a few more nice surprises will be there for you even before that. 

We carry on. Love, UMI Team!

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Mini-report on the development of UMI OneApp in April-May. Plans for the future


Dear friends, we would like to share with you a mini-report on what we have recently done to develop UMI OneApp. We will also tell you about our current projects to be integrated in the near future.

So, what this is what we have been doing lately:

- We presented a new design of the game table in the UMI Jack game;

- We added a form for ideas, issues and suggestions on the UMI OneApp website;

- We added GLZ support in UMI Jack;

- We added cross-chain exchanges and finalized related documentation;

- We designed the tournament service and worked out the rules;

- We adapted UMI Jack for future tournament integration;

- We added a huge number of new tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain networks (MKR, SNX and SHIB and others) and BNB Smart Chain (1INCH, GMT and DOGE and others) to UMI OneApp.

- We systematized and added all relevant information on UMI OneApp to the Integrated Help Desk, dividing the materials into user and technical documentation. 

In the course of this work, we had some difficulties which slightly delayed the launch of the services. We were forced to abandon the initial tournament architecture in order to make the functionality more load-resistant and create a universal solution for managing tournaments in various games on the UMI OneApp platform. We also encountered some difficulties in implementing cross-chain exchanges which is why we performed additional research. 

Now we are:

- Working on adding another game to UMI OneApp — we will present it to you in the near future.

- Finalizing analytics on p2p exchanges and moving on to designing functionality. 

- Working on the logic for the tournament admin panel and prepping to launch the long-awaited service. 

- Working on adding a plugin for the UMI Wallet browser wallet to the Firefox browser extension store by analogy with the Chrome browser. 

We also continue to work on improving other UMI OneApp features, including integration of the GLIZE NFT marketplace into the platform. New releases coming soon!

Love always, your UMI Team!

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UMI is two years old already! Let’s reminisce a bit about the journey so far — and consider the prospects in DeFi, NFT and GameFi!


Dear friends, the first day of summer came unexpectedly, as usual, and brought with it something to celebrate — UMI’s birthday. Yes, as of today, June 1, our cryptocurrency is officially two years old.

Seems like only a few days ago, the first master nodes started supporting UMI and adding first transactions into it. And now, there are as many as 42.5 million. Notably also, a year ago, the number was just 8.5 million, which means that UMI is growing rapidly, despite all the ups and downs that we all had to go through — and were able to overcome! 

For the last two years, we have witnessed explosive growth and active acceptance of UMI — as well as decreased activity among our users. However, this challenging time taught us a great lesson.

Together with you, we have decided to discontinue staking, due to the UMI inflation it results in, and choose a new development model: to create a large-scale UMI OneApp DeFi platform based on the UMI blockchain and integrate the crypto burning mechanisms. UMI OneApp allows us to confidently make our way into the DeFI, NFT and GameFi while also providing our users with a unique solution that will unify the top-tier blockchains, popular crypto assets and tools needed, all in one place.

We are making strides towards our shared goal, developing more and more advanced DeFi solutions within UMI OneApp. The UMI Jack game, the cross-chain and DEX exchanges, the multi-currency wallet, farming and staking — all these are already available and in demand with the members of our community.

All the while, we are constantly improving the existing solutions and working on new ones to make UMI and UMI OneApp even better. To give you just one example, there is some NFT functionality and an NFT marketplace in line for release soon. Also — and now we’re sharing secrets — we are already working on another UMI-based game, which we will tell more about at a later time.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao recently noted: “In bear markets, it is actually easier to spot the weak projects, and founders who are money driven instead of mission driven.”

We feel that the UMI ecosystem has long proven to all of the crypto world that it can withstand the crises and make it through tough times. As for our mission, it is, of course, to give you access to the best crypto solutions available on the market. We have always strived to create a truly decentralized ecosystem, and we are doing our very best to implement the plans we laid out.

To achieve the goals set, we have everything we need: an awesome team of developers, a hi-tech cryptocurrency, a loyal community — and the absolute certainty of success. We do believe that, as the range and number of UMI-based DeFI products grows, more and more crypto enthusiasts and regular people will become interested in our cryptocurrency, creating an even higher demand for it.

With that, we keep moving forward and making UMI even better, despite all the difficulties, be it past, present or future. We are certain that we will have even more reasons to be proud in a year’s time. And with your support, we are bound to succeed! 

With love, as always, your UMI team!

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Sign the UMI petition addressed to CoinMarketCap


A few days ago, we shared the idea to create a petition on Change.org with a call to CoinMarketCap (CMC) to finally address the issue and remove the unjustified alert on the UMI page, and you supported us. We are glad to inform you that the petition has been put up! 

Dear friends, you are the true power, and we need your help again to make this appeal for justice heard by CMC. And so — we ask you to sign the petition. This is really simple and will only take a couple of minutes:

1. Go to the petition page —https://www.change.org/p/убрать-необоснованное-уведомление-на-странице-umi-на-coinmarketcap

2. On the right, specify your first and last name and your e-mail and click on “Sign this petition”

3. Confirm the signature by following the link in the e-mail you receive

Done. Your signature is now registered!

You can also sign the petition by first creating a Change.org account, which can be done using the simplified registration process via Google and Facebook. 

We contacted CMC multiple times, asking them to remove the unjustified alert on the UMI page, and even publicly addressed them, describing the situation in detail and providing proof for our claims. The request was noticed by popular crypto-related media, Crypto Daily and Cryptopolitan, which also covered the issue, writing about the unjust actions of CMC. Moreover, many of our users were very active on the social media of CMC, Binance and Changpeng Zhao, as well as on the UMI page on CMC itself.

However, CMC’s response so far has been far from what we hoped for: the alert on the UMI page still remains, and the only formal reply we actually received was a perfunctory notice that our request is being reviewed.

So, let’s join our efforts, muster the energy and collect as many signatures as we can. It’s important to make CoinMarketCap notice the issue that we all are affected by and urge the service to remove the unjustified alert from the UMI page, which will allow the product to develop towards its full potential on the market.

Stronger together!

Yours as always, the UMI team.

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UMI's petition to CMC: over 1,000 signatures
Sign it by all means

Dear friends, our petition to CoinMarketCap (CMC) urging them to remove the unjustified alert from the UMI page is collecting more and more signatures. It's already been signed by over 1,000 people. 

However, it's still not enough for the CMC team to pay attention to the problem. Our community is so much bigger — and we need help from each of you to see justice done. So we urge everyone who hasn't signed the petition yet to do so by all means. It's really simple and will just take you a few minutes:

1. Go to the petition page — https://chng.it/djnw9r98.
2. Specify your first and last names and email address on the right side of the page and click Sign Petition.
3. Confirm your signature via email by clicking a special link.

Let's be as active as possible to get rid of this unjustified alert on the UMI page and continue to grow.

We believe in you!
Love always, UMI Team!

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UMI Royal Flush update

Dear friends, we have updated the UMI Royal Flush game - the bugs are now fixed and we also improved a few features:

- Improved modal window for changing nickname;
- Turned off the button of joining the table if there are already 9 players;
- Fixed a bug of games and game list freezing;
- Fixed a bug that did not allow the user to reconnect to the table after being kicked out due to low balance;
- Fixed errors in texts and rules;
- And added other technical fixes and improvements for smooth performance of UMI Royal Flush. 

Have fun playing - https://app.umi.top/gamefi/umi-royal-flush/list

P.S. Thank you all for your feedback. 

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Problem of transferring UMI to the gaming balance fixed

We have been notified that some users have had problems with transferring UMI to the gaming balance in UMI Jack and UMI Royal Flush as well as with withdrawing the coins. There was a bug in the UMI OneApp operational logic, but it has been successfully fixed by now. We have also stabilized the funds transfer service to prevent such situations from happening again. 

All transactions have been processed. Check your gaming balance and start playing. 

- UMI Royal Flush — https://app.umi.top/gamefi/umi-royal-flush/list
- UMI Jack — https://app.umi.top/gamefi/umi-jack  

P.S: If you still have problems, please use the feedback form on the UMI OneApp website.

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Update: UMI Wallet app has been fully restored
The new version of the UMI Wallet mobile app has been approved by the App Store and Google Play. Download the updated to ensure smooth functioning of the UMI crypto wallet.
UMI Wallet Mobile App:
- iOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/umi-wallet/id1527992117   
- Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.umi.umiwallet    
Sincerely yours, UMI team

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Where and how you can buy UMI

The new users who learn about UMI and our games in UMI OneApp for the first time often wonder where and how they can buy UMI coins to start using them. So we've decided to write an instructive tutorial on buying UMI. 

Feel free to tell your friends and acquaintances about the benefits of UMI OneApp, invite them to play UMI Jack or UMI Royal Flush and send them a link to this article so they know where to buy UMI coins and how to start using them.


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To start staking, join any structure or create your own one. After you join a structure, your coins remain in your wallet. Only you can control your coins. Structure organizers can set individual parameters and receive an additional reward — 1 % to 5 % per month from total staking of their structure + bonuses. By creating your own projects on the UMI basis you can earn even more.

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