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If you have lost your job and are on the verge of despair, do not panic, because there is always movement in the labor market, even in the deepest period of stagnation. The main thing is to organize the process of finding a job correctly.

Treat forced change as a period of opportunity and cold reason 
1. Summary - your business card
Be very careful about your CV- it's a precious interview pass
2. Search for work in multiple sources at the same time
Finding a job should not be limited to one resource. Attack the labor market should be in all directions (sites, agencies, acquaintances, etc.)

3. Don't stop and don't be afraid of failure
4. Don't give up part-time jobs
Especially if there is no money about the reserve and the search for a job is extremely relevant. 
5. Use the time to find a job to good use
Finding a job is also a job, but with a flexible schedule. Therefore, in your spare time do not shake the air - it is better to use your energy rationally. For example, you can gain new knowledge

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I’ve managed to get an interview for one of the jobs out there friday at 8am and i will do my absolute best. I really want this job. I crossed my fingers and prepared. Mentally, I repeat the story of my life. i used to prepare  target interview questions https://mrsimon.ai/interview-questions/target/. I’d like to imagine all my friends placing their paws on me for good vibes only .

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That's good tips. But I think the most important thing in finding a job is a good resume. It shouldn't be empty, but you shouldn't try to fill it with all this "learning fast; I'm an optimist; I really want to work and stuff like that". It's better to write things for which you will be hired. And the interview itself is also important. You don't have to show that you're scared or nervous, not all employers will like it.

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