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The crypt currency in 2020: investment and earnings

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Cryptcurrency and Blockchain (the technology on which it works) - these concepts can safely be called one of the most significant in 2020. Even retired people have probably heard of Bitcoin by now. Let's understand, what value are the digital coins in 2020 and whether it is worth paying attention to them in terms of investment.


Cryptcurrency as an investment asset.


More and more financial analysts are inclined to allocate 5-10% of the total investment portfolio to alternative types of investments, which include the crypt. But so far, the crypto market cannot be called fully mature, and such investments will be considered high-risk for a long time.

But especially active investors are often interested not only in the main crypt currency, but also in many promising altokines. Millions of dollars worth of altoins are traded daily at cryptorium exchanges. Many of them do have a wide range of real-life applications - and this is a key indicator that shows the potential for investment.


Why it is worth investing in cryptcurrency in 2020:


- Against the backdrop of Bitcoin halving, there is a significant increase in the rates of most coins. This is a good time to "hop on a train" to make a profit later on.

- Active development of block technologies, their implementation in people's real life.

- The decentralized system has no single regulator and does not depend on external events in politics or economics.

- Participation in a huge community of technologically advanced people, mastering innovations.

The efficiency of investments depends on the strategy used. For example, it is possible to invest directly in digital coins such as Bitcoin, Etherium, or it is possible to invest in block projects, ICOs or firms producing equipment for mining. Some hedge funds already offer the option of adding Bitcoin to your investment portfolio.


PoW and PoS mining.


Cryptovalues are extracted through mining - the process of transaction confirmation. Miners use the power of their equipment for mathematical calculations and are paid for it. There are about 10 types of mining, of which the most popular are Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake.

To mine a PoW coin, you need powerful hardware that will look for a solution to confirm transactions and write them to the blockcheck. As for PoS mining, its essence is that the miner keeps a certain amount of coins in its account (this is the so-called bet, stake). The algorithm chooses the miner each time based on how many coins it has placed, and other factors.

The advantage of the second option is that it requires only financial investments for the initial purchase of the crypt currency. In the case of PoW, in addition to financial investments, it will require significant time and effort to control and maintain the equipment.


An example of a coin running on PoS is Yoda X. This is a new crypt-currency, which is created by collecting the advantages of three blockchecks and adding your own unique algorithms. Features of the platform:

- Ability to use in p2p and b2p spheres for purchasing goods and services.

- Integration with fiat payment means.

- Single marketplace for individuals.

- Crypt currency bank (crediting, investing, insurance).

- Instant exchange of one currency for another.


You can make money on Yoda X by using Collective Stacking (PoS). To do this, you need to have on your wallet at least 100 YODA X, then the monthly increase will be 11%. The more coins you have on your balance, the lower the percentage is. Mining stops if you have 1 million YODA X on your wallet.

Thus, the stacking is ahead of traditional banking structures in terms of profitability. It is definitely the sphere in which it is necessary to invest at the moment.


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