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grab.tc : Start earning free bitcoin by doing job and completd offers

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grab.tc is a faucet to earn Bits by many ways like  completing Surveys,Offerwalls, Shortlinks & much moren , and you can Receive your Cryptocurrencies at the time you withdraw, without any delays or freezing!


How to make free bitcoin online with grab.tc ? :

There are many ways differents to earn Cryptocurrency on grab.tc. Get tokens for every task you do, like visiting Shortlink, ptc ads, offers from offer-wall, watching videos and etc... Which can be converted to Bitcoin.  All withdraws are available direct wallets, or to FaucetPay currently , Expect more options in the near future.
Yes, you read correctly, you get paid instantly in the currency you requested through direct wallet You can withdraw every time you want you You must complete at least 20 faucet claims .

 Short Url - Pass shorturl link to get Bits

 Complete tasks & earn LEVELS. - For every level , you rewards gets biggers and up to x3.75

 PTC Ads - Get 2 to 15 Bits for every Ad view 

 Offer walls - Get coins by completing offers

Daily Rewards - Claim free coins for completing your usual activities of earning Bits

Daily Rewards - Claim free coins for completing your usual activities of earning Bits

By referring others to our website, you get 25% lifetime commission of what they claim

Much more features like CPU mining, achievements, offerwalls contests, & much more!

Low minimum withdrawal, receive BTC in your Bitcoin or FaucetPay wallet.

Register from here


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