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In the year-on-year growing market of investment companies, there are many dubious organizations whose credit of trust does not allow them to count on sustainable income from investing in the programs they offer. An inexperienced investor may have the impression that the investment world around him is teeming with "business sharks" interested in anything, except to bring income to the investor.

The investment product from Marx Capital is significantly different from other programs that are offered on the market. We do not offer incredible interest “here and now”, the main thing that we really offer is to build a long-playing investment strategy designed to bring regular and constantly growing income for many months and even years.

By investing in Marx Capital, you can be sure that in full and on time (in accordance with the current rules of work) you will receive all income due to you, both from deposits made by you and from deposits of your partners that you invited with your referral link.

3 interconnected tariff plans:

100% per annum
(0.3% daily for amounts on the account balance up to 300 USD)

200% per annum
(0.6% daily for a total balance
of 301-3000 USD)

300% per annum
(0.9% daily for the amount
of 3001 USD and more)


The commission for the withdrawal of any amount from the body of the deposit in the first 2 weeks after input is 10%

the commission for the withdrawal of amounts over 50 USD per day is 1% for every 50 USD (including incomplete ones, example: for the withdrawal of 90 USD within one day you will need to pay 2%)
at the same time, only one application can be submitted for withdrawal, the next one can be submitted after processing the past (instant or according to the rules)

Referral Program -
Bronze, 8% (base level)

Silver, 9% from the first level and 1% from the second (opens by attracting partnership investments for 1000 dollars from a minimum of 10 active partners), at the opening of the level a one-time bonus of 100 USD is credited to account balance

Gold, 10% from the first level, 1% from the second and 0.5% from the third (opens when the amount of affiliate deposits exceeds 10,000 dollars and the number of active partners exceeds 30), when you open the level, a one-time bonus of 300 USD is credited to the balance

Payments: instant payments for amounts up to 10 USD per day (for anything above the limit of 10 USD per day - up to 24 hours during business hours)l
Minimum deposit - 10 $
Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer

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I am in !

Sent Payment: 200.00 USD to account U22370008 from U17755***. Batch: 314009030. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Marx Capital Investment Program deposit from Knjaz.

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New payment systems

New payment systems

ETH & BTC added
In our investment program, 2 new payment systems were added that you can work with to deposit and withdraw: they are Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies. There are several factors to keep in mind:

1. it doesn’t matter in what currency you deposited funds, you can withdraw to wherever it is more convenient for you (of course, while the wallet should be specified in Settings)

2. if you order the withdrawal to not same wallet where you deposited from (example - deposited in the PerfectMoney, and withdraw to BTC) - the payment can be sent for manual processing according to the rules up to 24 hours

3. The minimum amount is, for deposit, the equivalent of 10 USD, for withdrawal - the equivalent of 0.1 USD

4. so that the deposit or withdrawal goes without excesses associated with fluctuations in the rate of cryptocurrencies - do them with some margin (11 instead of 10 for input and 0.2 instead of 0.1 for output)

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Always Pay Me Instantly

The amount of 0.3 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U22370008->U2753675. Memo: API Payment. Marx Capital Investment Program withdraw to honest.. Date: 16:08 03.07.20. Batch: 322258236.

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Always Pay Me Instantly

The amount of 0.5 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U22370008->U2753675. Memo: API Payment. Marx Capital Investment Program withdraw to honest.. Date: 22:30 06.07.20. Batch: 322726241.

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