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I am not owner or administrator. Information has been posted here only for discussion.

Project Start: May 04, 2020

About HYIP:

Currently, the low interest environment created by quantitative easing eliminates secure, high interest earnings. Founded in 2020 and officially registered in the United Kingdom, our company focuses on ensuring secure and constant high returns to investors looking for alternative investment opportunities. Our company is able to achieve constant high returns by using our unique algorithm, which gets its parameters from our patented artificial intelligence, called AISync ®, to take advantage off shifts in asset prices. 

By using automated high frequency trading, we are able to execute millions of trades within several seconds, cashing in on these asset price shifts. We mainly focus on the main cryptocurrency and forex markets to secure enough liquidity to ensure that investors can withdraw investments at any point in time. Combining these unique elements, we are able to create a secure, high return platform to our international investors. We earn when our investors earn.

Investment Plans:

10% Hourly for 24 hours
15% Hourly for 20 hours
25% Hourly for 15 hours
30% Hourly for 10 hours

Minimal Spend: $10
Maximal Spend: $10 000

Referral: 10%, 6%, 2%
Withdrawal: Instant

Payment systems: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin

My Deposit:

2020-05-04 21:56

200$ (0.02301782 BTC)
Batch: 3c0c9ae48c62614270afa4456c4d432259d2f4bde1e7098404a73dcf8fa9e422

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